9th Bhav is your Bhagya

Kanagana Ranaut is the Lead actress in Bolly wood and we shall see how Rahu became the graha which has given her the fortune.

In the above Chart of Kangana ranaut, mercury the lagna lord is in 9th Bhav confirming her luck. Mercury represents acting and in kumbha whose lord is Rahu. In the 10th Bhav of career , rahu is with Jupiter and surya and surya is digbali.

jyotish shastras states rahu an outcaste , a rebellion, criminal , foreigner. she shot into fame with her movie gangster (rahu) . her second movie was Tanu weds manu in which she played the role of rebellion sort of girl. The film was big hit.

note that lagna lord is in rahu’s satbhisha nakshatra. Association of rahu with surya also resulted into her split with father. she left or rebelled the family also.

Kapil Sharma is the best comedian in Bollywood. He shot to fame in very small period of time. He has Interest in singing and also acting. Below is his Birth chart.

In his Birth chart, moon (creativity) is the 9th Lord and has conjoined Income lord mercury (graha promoting acting , Jokes , comedy) in 4th Bhav. This conjunction has brought him luck and huge income due to asscoaition of Bhagya lord moon.

5th lord Jupiter is placed in Labh bhav and aspecting own house with exalted venus in 5th . This is very very powerful Rajayoga.

Rahu in 9th shows loss of Dharma and addiction to alcohol and mental depressions as rahu is in rashi of chandra. His drunken Brawl is well knows to everyone.

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