Amavasya Birth remedies

It is very important to know about the circumstances of inauspicious births of a child in Amavasya Birth. The person, born on Amavasya birth, is always poverty stricken. It is therefore essential to adopt remedial measures to obtain relief from the evil effects of such births, which are, as follows.

Remedies for Amavasya Birth

  • Take a Kalash and
  • Put in it fresh leaves of Goolar , Vata, Pipal, mango trees
  • cover it with two pieces of cloth
  • Then install the Kalash in the South-West direction after reciting Mantras.
  • Then worship the idols of Surya and Chandra
  • made of gold and silver, mixed with copper
  • by recitation of Mantras for Surya
  • Thereafter perform Havan with 108, or 28 oblations of the mixture of prescribed fuels
  • cooked food (Charu) with recitation of Mantras of Surya and Candra.
  • sprinkle the water on the child, that is born
  • his parents and offer in charity gold, silver and a black cow together
  • feeding the Brahmins
  • By performing these remedial rites the child born gains freedom and protection from the evil effects of the birth on Amavasya.