Budha in Eighth Bhava

Budha in eighth bhava aids in articulating confidential information, hidden forces, secret information, revolutionary changes, shocking discoveries, revelatory prophecies, etc.
Personality Traits of natives of Budha in eighth bhava:
 The natives of Budha in the eighth house are able to create relationships that are advantageous to material prosperity.
 They seem to be driven by the force of material prosperity and happen to be gainful in terms of longevity.
 They may seek favors from the government.
 They can be described as glorious people who enjoy long life.
 They are also quite cheerful.
 They gain through business.
 The inclination and confidence of the opposite sex is amusing to them.
 They are blessed with reputation and wealth.
 They are famous for their qualities.
 As drawbacks of their personality, they happen to be ungrateful and liars.
 They are quite backbiting, too.
 They support their family financially.
 The government becomes a source of wealth.
 Their personality is distinguished.
 They are lovers of truth.
 They are often perceived as the antagonist of people’s stories.
 They are probable to die of some illness.
 Their life is neither too short nor too long.
 Social ranking and postion, responsibility and duty towards the public, etc. are subjects that the native’s mind is probable to dwell upon.
 They are a leader without a title.
 Leadership qualities are prevalent.
 Death of the native happens in the presence of their spouse and companions. They die of some illness. Their life is appreciated after their death.
 After the death of the native, their astral signals can be picked by those belonging to Budha in the same house.
 The topics of conversation with these natives are typically the following:
o Social leadership
o Public dignity
o Hierarchical ranking
o Law and order
o Bureaucracy
o Ways to earn respect
 They are able to explore mystical areas of nature that is otherwise untouched and unexplored by the world.
 Special and unique opportunities open up to them due to their ability to explore the unexplored.
 They don’t have many children.
 They may suffer from issues related to the stomach and thighs.
 In their own as well as in foreign lands, they earn recognition and respect, and they are able to transmit knowledge in tantric ways.
 Expository writings is a space of prosperity and more exploration for them.
 They might be interesting in mining or drilling as such. This interest develops from their innate ability to reach the unknown.
 Generally, they are prone to divorce.
 The natives of Budha in eighth bhava are probable to suffer from mental illnesses of some kind.
 Disagreements in relationships, whether they be professional or personal, are prevalent and probable.