Budha in Eleventh Bhava

Personality Traits of the native of Budha in eleventh bhava are as follows:
 They are a very social person.
 They have a very sharp mind.
 They are quite smart.
 They may become very good astrologers.
 They like to be around more enlightened, awakened and intelligent people.
 They have particularly interesting spouses.
 They and their spouse are favorites of the people around them.
 An employer is the main source of wealth of the natives of Budha in eleventh bhava.
 Even some maternal uncle or a friend may bring wealth to them.
 Special aptitude and ability for journalism, writing, publishing, diplomacy, etc., will be recognized by the native’s elder brother, if any, and he will generally be encouraging towards the native.
 Craft, business and writing can be their way to prosperity.
 The natives of Budha in eleventh bhava lead a luxurious life which is generally full of pleasure and prosperity.
 They are generally dark-complexioned and tend to have charming eyes.
 They wish well for their people or their loved ones and become quite successful in their career of choice.
 They do not tend to fall ill very often. They lead a particularly healthy life.
 They are happy and talented people.
 Knowledge acquisition is common as a part of the personality of these natives.
 Words that describe the natives of Budha in eleventh bhava the best are sensual, modest, strong, gentle, well-to-do and loving.
They like to think and speak of big systems and global corporate networks. They have immense knowledge and aptitude for commerce and finance. Their behavior is typically of providing information and organizing it, not sticking to the same job for long, etc. They receive advice, consoling, mentoring and help from their peers. This help or mentoring is received in the ways of communication and conversation, mostly.
The natives of Budha in eleventh bhava are rationally involved in various marketplace connections. They do not commit to anything for avery long time. They are more interested in strategies that allow them to commit for shorter terms. Economic knowledge and the intensity of it allows these natives to communicate large scale economic realities to others very easily.
They are systematic people. Their mentality can be termed as scientific.