Budha in First Bhava

Students, disciples and pupils are represented by Budha in first bhava. The natives of Budha in first bhava are typically good at talking, traning, instructing, explaining, teaching, interacting, tool-using, arguing, criticizing, gesturing, and all things communication. They are widely known for their tactics and strategies.
Budha in first bhava natives are experts of communication. They tend to prefer the younger company or company that takes an individualistic novel approach to life. However, their conversational style remains straightforward.
 Budha I the first house helps the native in developing a better social personality with the help of good communication. However, their luck or prosperity in the respect of marriage is not much which may be as a result of lack of maturity in the native’s personality.
 Their attitude is like that of a student and their taste resembles the youth culture.
 Wordy strictness can be avoided with the help of a positive connection to dharma.
 They may have a self-owned business.
 Their skills include writing, drawing, shooting, tool-using, painting and more artistic skills.
 They may prosper in publications and communicative-media production companies.
 The natives of Budha in first bhava will do well in seminars and conferences and will be influential in such spaces.
 Their delivery of instructions, conversations, gesticulations, descriptions or explanations is exceptionally great.
 The native is one of profound learning and understanding of several sciences.
 They are also interested in listening to fellow scholars and experts and adding to their expertise.
 The native of Budha in first bhava may be a student of strology.
 They may have eye diseases.
 Their brother and they may have disputes during their teen years.
 They tend to live by writing and speech.
 The natives of Budha in first bhava may take up journalism as their career choice.
 They lack maturity, and hence, may behave like a child even as an adult.
 Their physical features are well-built and strong like those of a sculptor.
 The native is a fine arts student in case the Budha is in favour.
 Descriptions of the personality of the natives of Budha in first bahva may include politeness, durability and calmness.
 They may face discoloration of the body and excessive bile juice. They may also have boils and moles. Other stomach issues may also be prevalent.
 The native may take up feature writing as well.
 Their marriage is probable in their middle age.