Budha in Ninth Bhava

Pious and sharp are words that describe the natives of Budha in ninth bhava. The natives of this graha are considerate of money, intellectual discourse and worldly positions, and are particularly interested in yoga. They visit holy places and love improved concentration power. They are after higher knowledge in all means of scope for higher knowledge, whether it be the heaven, the earth or the marine life. Their mind is studious and they have a love for art, science and literature. Through publication work, the natives of Budha in ninth bhava will happen to gain a lot.
 They are good speakers and holy pilgrims.
 They have an active mind.
 They like to explore hidden mysteries of life.
 They are interested in metaphysics.
 They love journeys.
 They have an interest in aerial affairs.
 The natives of Budha in ninth bhava are interested in business transactions aided with:
o Sacred teachings of belief
o University teaching
o Scriptural literacy
o Professional tasks
o Study of hermeneutics
o Interpretation of scriptures
o Iteneraries of world travel
 A conflict between the native’s practicality and wisdom is prevalent at all times throughout their life.
 Budha does not entirely flourish positively in the ninth bhava.
 Conversations with the native of Budha in ninth bhava are typically pleasant by nature.
 They do not dismiss the validity of pluralistic societies.They are in support of diversity of opinions as well as culture. They have a strong vocabulary aided by knowledge of philosophy.
 A problem with their tendency to trivialize their wisdom is that they attempt to explain or speak of religious or sacred texts or experiences in technological ways or in ways backed up by the knowledge and perspective of ritual technology instead of addressing the presence of the Divine.
 They may come across as quite superficial.
 They are capable and probable of labeling ritualistic attitudes in terms of behavior.
 They are able to overlook sacred experiences easily under the shadow of technological wisdom.
 Facing the presence of the Divine in non-verbal ways is difficult for these natives.
 These natives are not probable to attend to religious writers and their experiences.
 They like to have more decent and polite conversations without making the topics controversial or intense in any way. They like to stay away from matters of greater significance.
 In matters of clerical administration, planning, training, organizing, etc., the native may seem gifted.
 They are quite skilled and trained in managing seminars or conferences.
 They tend to look at life as an administrative task. This becomes problematic for their own quest for higher knowledge. They may come across as a little shallow.
 They are quite productive by nature. They often are busy with work.
 In terms of charity, they may be all about the donations, even though they may not know why they donate hat they donate. They may be aimlessly working towards charity.
 Budha in ninth bhava generally leads the native to success in business.
 The native may appear happy on the outside. They also come across as intelligent.
 The natives of Budha in ninth bhava enjoy writing.
 Law, business administration and international commerce are other things they enjoy.
 They look forward to opportunities to get networked or to participate in the markets of ideas as well as goods.
 Their focus remains on their goals as well as their achievements.