Budha in Second Bhava

Description of the native of Budha in second bhava:
 The natives of Budha in second bhava are closely associated with the historical knowledge.
 It represents the expertise of students, disciples, pupils or apprentices to tell stories in any form, whether iyt be written or spoken.
 They may be fond of songs that speak of histories and ancient values and traditions.
 The natives of Budha in second bhava have a strong memory and may prosper in the fields relating to requirement of a good memory.
 They do well in theatre as musical performers or dramatists.
 Their skills include writing, painting, drawing, technology-applying, reporting, arguing, criticizing, explaining, instructing, training, gesturing and all things communication.
 They are able to constantly interact with other people.
 The natives of this graha in the second house are a family of writers.
 They are also known to be producers of records, reports, documents, speeches, etc.
 The native bestows a command over languages and a sweetness of tongue.
 Their surroundings are respectable and honorable.
 Their speech is clever and skillful.
 They can be described as expressive, smart, crafty and a critic of books.
 They happen to regain lost wealth under the impact of Budha.
 They are probable to take up teaching-related professions such as principal or professor.
 Their skills also help them become good commission agents, clerks, writers, etc.
 Focus of the native of Budha in second bhava remains on folkways, patriotism, etc.
 Their focus is also distributed among oceans, boats, fishing, marine life and the land, schooling, habits of people and cultural roots.
 They are interested in owning property and vehicles.
 The natives of Budha in second bhava are fond of their ethnicity, traditions, etc.
 Their interests also include knowledge about the spirits of the land and waters of their birthplace or the place where they are settled.