Budha in Seventh Bhava

Budha in seventh bhava is known for being a master negotiator. Their strengths include debates on deals, discourse on trust, advocate for justice, analysis of relationships, talks about fairness, explanation on arrangements, etc. Their communicative skills are very strong and feed the
prosperous scope in subjects such as narrated experiences of the following:
 Alliances
 Agreements
 Bargains
 Balance support
 Contracts
 Deals
 Items of mutual interest
 Law courts
 Marriage
 Partnering
…and more.
Personality Traits of the Native of Budha in Seventh Bhava:
The natives of Budha in seventh bhava will make brilliant middlemen, counselors, attorneys, brokers and negotiators. They use their voice to give voice to the suppressed, underprivileged, unfortunate, victims of oppression or subjugation of any kind. They are known for being able to
make excellent deals and they make excellent partners. They deem themselves responsible as a privileged and voiced person for voicing the subaltern or those who cannot voice themselves.
 These natives make good writers.
 They are crafty and creative by nature.
 They are excellent negotiators in general.
 Their spouse communicates with the younger sibling of the native, if any.
 Money comes to the native through acts such as explaining, describing, planning, setting schedules, calculating, announcing, classifying, writing reports, publishing, etc.
 As a broker, the native will flourish.
 If the native and their spouse follow similar professions relating to the contact-making kind of work, they will prosper together.
Sexuality of the native of Budha in seventh Bhava:
The relationship of the native of Budha in seventh bhava with their spouse may look more that of siblings. Their bonding will grow stronger and more open. It is probable that the native might enjoy extra marital affairs or
other intimate arrangements existing outside their marriage. This will be while they are still formally married to their spouse.
More about the Native of Budha in Seventh Bhava:
Their success may come from crafting detailed agreements, making deals and trades, articulating terms of contract, etc. Partnership with them means auspiciousness. Their spouse is also much like them in terms of being analytical in general. They also enjoy talking just as much as the native. Their knowledge about sex and sexuality is immense, though it is easily influenced by their state of mind. They can be called youthful. They promote and encourage sexual communication. They and the native are generally, both, engaged in more profitable businesses and are youthful and chatty.
The native may be impotent. They may feel shy and defeated, often, in cases of their spouse being more attractive than them. The sex drives of them and their spouse are often not compatible.
The native of Budha in the seventh house are sharp by mind, handsome by looks, and dignified by personality. They love luxury. They are good-looking as well as good-natured. They like honesty and faithfulness. They are quite generous, noble and prosperous. They are well-established and well-
settled. Their spouse can be described as rich, quick, intelligent, beautiful, young, chatty, quarrelsome, critical, wise and coming from a middle class affluent family.