Budha in Sixth Bhava

The natives of Budha in sixth bhava are known for being unrestrained and talkative, especially in adverse situations or circumstances. The incrimination of information is easily possible for the natives of Budha in sixth bhava. They are quite good at speaking in arguments and strategizing. As a manager, writer, publisher, manufacturer, administrator or businessperson, these natives may turn out quite devious or corrupted, and possibly criminal as well. There is a chance of injustice from the hands of these natives if they happen to be technicians, administrators or managers. Often, the natives of Budha in sixth bhava are associated in some way with medicine and medical treatment plans.
 They are generally the younger sibling.
 Loyalty is expected out of them. But they might fail to be found trustworthy.
 They are probable to receive corrupt and problematic guidance from people of their matching status. These people may include their siblings, schoolmates, co-workers, friends, etc.
 Their younger sibling is probable to be associated with the medical field. They may also be associated with social work or the ministry of service.
 Unpleasant conversations are more common with people native to Budha in the sixth house.
 In case of a native’s military profession, they may influence the communicative abilities a lot.
 The communicative abilities of the natives of Budha in sixth bhava have a great influence in subjects such as disagreements, disputes, illness, poverty, accusations, criticism, broken promises, blaming, criminal issues, etc.
 They tend to have an anxious mind.
 Their career will prosper in the field of journalistic media production.
 Their mind works reasonably in subjects of disputes, exploitation, conflicts, victimization, etc.
 Amongst the service class, their communication style becomes quite normal and commonplace.
 The natives of Budha in sixth bhava will tend to feel confined into the service of victims.
 Their analytical skill set in the various fields of communication might help them in succeeding at commercial business.
 Their mental anxiety causes disturbances in any communication around sex, fertility and libido.
 The natives of Budha in sixth bhava often look at life with a negatively influenced approach. This can be changed into a more positive picture with the help of practicing mental calming techniques, receiving massages, etc.
 They must remove toxins from their diet.
They are not consistent with their honesty. Their words and speech might come across as fake or unfair. They mostly speak in subjects such as debt, illness, class conflict, war, mistrust, injustice, etc.
They might prosper as criminal attorneys who represent the accused.
They happen to hold low expectations in general which works in the favor of their health. They convince themselves that they may not receive much recognition for their work in general, which, in turn, supports their good health mentally and otherwise. Their beneficial attributes such as
craftiness and quick responsiveness may be overlooked under the shadow of their ability to problematize situations. They go through a number of changes on a mental level which have an after effect on the physical relationships of the native. The native of Budah in sixth bhava may face nervous breakdowns due to
workplace stress. Their inferiors may oppress them. They may be over-excited by nature. There are chances that the native will end their marriage in divorce, separation or sexual abuse due to their difficulty in handling sexual experimentation, physical issues and incompatibility. They are mental workers of energy.