Budha in Tenth Bhava

Budha in tenth bhava is all about social order and legitimate governance. It represents students who master the narratives of the same.
Personality Traits
 These natives can be described as programmatic, reporting, detail-oriented and capable of managing execution in general.
 Their skills in communication are usually advanced in the subjects of institutional governance, punishments and consequences, law and order, leadership, visibility in society, bureaucracy, etc.
 They often speak of and take responsibility for orderly social processes.
 They are good at journalism, information management and writing in general.
 They may make good conselors which is aided by ther ability to speak professionally and communicate effectively.
 They are able to talk their way through difficult situations cleverly.
 As a musician, singer, singer, songwriter or any kind of artist, they may have a reputation in the society and they may prosper.
 They seek guidance in astrological subjects.
 They possess they ability to become a good teacher.
 In terms of likeability, they mix well with all kinds of groups in society. Everybody seems to be accepting of the native of Budha in tenth bhava, and the native comes out as very flexible and friendly.
 The mix well with people of different classes, statuses, etc.
 Due to their wealth, they may achieve respect and recognition in society.
 Wealth and property inheritance is common to these natives.
 Their views on punishment and reward are rigid.
 They are generally soft-spoken and diplomatic.
 They may be very valued.
 Qualities of the native’s personality are good-looking, cheerful, courageous, calm, pious, bright, prosperous and clever.
 They are interested in involving themselves in higher intellectual activities.
 Generally, the natives of Budha in tenth bhava quickly achieve success at any job they undertake.
 Every kind of wealth is in their possession.
 Luxury is of their interest.
 The natives of Budha in tenth bhava may gain through business and writing, or also from public service.
 Their wealth is collected by themselves, on their own base.
 They make good teachers, novelists, reporters, employees, electricians, traveler, lecturer, etc.
 In occult literature, they may be good dealers.
 They gain quite a lot in the 19 th year of their life.
 The aspects of business are what the native’s success and recognition depend on.
 The natives of Budha in tenth bhava are lustful by nature.
 They may be good exporters or wholesalers, if they are alone.