Budha in Third Bhava

Most prominent skills of the natives of Budha in third bhava are information processing, explaining, scheduling, writing, publishing, advertising, announcing, signaling, reporting, talking, gesturing, group collaborating, mastering a craft, drawing, arguing, criticizing, instructing,
near-goal traveling and more communication related skills.
 The native of Budha in third bhava will prosper as a communications instructor.
 They are best suited for small-group processes or ensemble performances.
 A native who is disciplined and responsible may make frequent and multiple short-term trips or travels.
 They have a tendency to enjoy quick hand movements, which suffice one of the requirements for skills and talents such as sewing, needling, drawing, knitting, knotting, netting, cutting and splicing. Many more artisanal artifacts are the native’s skills.
 Natives of Budha in third bhava are generally smart.
 They like to talk and write their ideas. Their style of communicating ideas is fast-moving.
 The personality of the natives of Budha in third bhava is tolerant, cheerful, happy and not interested in the repetitive scripted conversations, meetings, conferences, media production, etc.
 They stand by the skill of pattern recognition, which has to do with the mind.
 They share a pleasant and close relationship with a sibling.
 Natives of Budha in third bhava have a strong libido which fluctuates with fluctuating thoughts. Their sexuality is mentalized.
 They have strong business skills and capabilities.
 Their administrative capabilities are also very strong.
 They can develop self-made financial wealth and self-focus.
 Natives of Budha in third bhava can be manipulated easily.
 Their routine may include a bundle of sly mistruths.
 Their personality is like that of a chameleon. They tend to blend in with their immediate environment.
 They be up to date with the latest trends and fashion.
 They always have the latest news.
 Words associated with the natives of Budha in third bhava are politics, gambling, games, celebrity, attention, prestige, fun, etc.
 They are speculative, thoughtful, intelligent and genius by nature.
 Natives of Budha in third bhava have a strong linkage with their immediate family.
 They take a selfish approach in life.
 They like to enjoy life and achieving their self-determined objectives by hook or by crook.
 They become timid in the period of Rahu.
 Their attributes are courteous, lustful, cheerful, alert, inquisitive and watchful.
 Natives of Budha in third bhava may have clingy relatives.
 In case of monetary entanglements, they are controlled by others.
 The natives of Budha in third bhava become detached from worldly affairs.