Budha in Twelfth Bhava

Budha in twelfth bhava or residing in the shala-sthana is majorly known for its capability of speaking of intuitions and visions. The svabhava or the behavior of this graha allows the native to be into spiritual guidance, private prayers, seclusion, meditative retreat, bedroom talk, etc.
It represents disciples and students who master in the narratives of the abovementioned subjects and also of contemplation, sleep and dreams, meditation, intuitive spiritual guidance, etc.
 The native of Budha occupying the twelfth house may build a good public reputation even though their work is generally linked with more private matters that do not meet the eye of the public very often.
 In a commercial space, the native may feel uncomfortable with not knowing the customs or even the language of the people in general and may feel misunderstood.
 They are not well-versed with commerce and finance.
 As translators, they will prosper in all industries, whether it be professional, cross-cultural or international spaces of work.
 Their linguistic abilities help them in their professional space. But still, they do not work at the forefront in this space and would rather stay in the background or behind the curtains.
 They prosper in spaces such as far-away lands, the unseen worlds, sancturaies, etc.
 They like being in enclosed private spaces by themselves. These spaces may include bunkers, prisons, refugee camps, hospitals, etc.
 Cognizance or self-awareness comes easy to them and that in different levels.
 One of their gifts may to the ability to communicate in difficult spaces and at difficult levels.
 They are good explainers or speakers.
 One word to describe them are quite logical.
 They tend to be interested in and enjoy many chances to obtain advice from spiritual guides.
 These natives do not tend to create or make up their own information to pass on. They tend to pass on the instructions received from higher powers.
 The native may connect with their losses.
 Their dreams are generally quite full of information and content.
 They have a tendency to talk to themselves and have conversations with themselves often.
 To separate their thoughts from other people’s thoughts is difficult for these natives.
 They are quick-witted.
 Writing and publishing are the worlds strongly associated and connected to the natives of Budha in the twelfth house.
 They are interested in religious activities, but they might also cheat others.
 In order to follow their dreams, they may also go against their own loved ones.
 Their skills aid in honorable deeds.
 Success comes slow, but steady.
 They spend a lot on education.
 Their life is a success for the society.