Cancer , karka horoscope

Cancer or karka rashi

Kark Rashi (Cancer) stands 4th in the Hindu Zodiac. Lovers of home and family, they are sensitive, emotional, harmonious, dedicated yet fixed. It is indicated by crab . this rashi is denoted by breasts symbol.

They have a moderate stature, thick neck and round face.

 Their complexion is usually fair

 they have a thick waist line and the hands and feet are large.

 They are sympathetic, energetic and imaginative

.  They had Grey or light blue eyes, pale complexion, wide chest and small hands and feet.

 They usually live outside their native place.


Their most noble goal lies in sheltering and providing every comfort to their loved ones. Soothing and caring, Karkatas are also quick in offering help to others.They maintains a physically active relationship toward parents and often has an affectionate relationship to the self.

They are timid to face physical danger but are brave.

 They are modstly quiet and controlled about their own feelings.

 They usually cry because of their fragile and vulnerable heart.

 They are inventive and intuitive and are hurt easily.

 They always Needs nurturing, caretaking, protection and defense.

There is no tension, and whoever comes in contact with you feels specially charmed. You do not command, but you are so pious and sympathetic that your wish becomes more compelling than any direct order could be.

Professions best suit them are hotel, bakery, animal husbandry, tea or coffee business.

 They respond to life through their emotions rather than their mind.

 They love tradition, history and art and normally religious by nature.

 They love fine arts like drama, music, acting etc.

Cancers will prove themselves devoted lovers, protective, affectionate and helpful and sympathetic. They are devoted partners and loves children.

They are loyal sincere and affectionate in love relationships , but they lack in expressing their loyalty and sincerity to the partners.

 They tend to avoid people who are shallow or over-ambitious. They seek out a partner who has a strong gut feeling.

They are romantic by nature and make very good steady partners.

They are mostly suffering from Stomach related diseases. They usually tend to put on weight and suffer from BP problems. Guard against asthma, gastric problems, week digestion, rheumatism and sciatica Traits Mostly the family types, the personality of Kark Rashi can be quite complicated, but deep inside they are conservative and home-loving people. They love to be in familiar surroundings and nurture their relationships.

They are known for building a fortress around their emotions, and they take a lot of time to trust someone and open their hearts.

 They had a lot of patience in their nature.

 They are Imaginative & Protective type person.

 They are Touchy & Clingy.

 They enjoy cooking for the people they love. They are creative and have an artistic leaning

 Cancer mens are too sentimental and moody to handle sometimes.