Chandra in Asgadha Nakshatra

Asgadha Nakshatra has another name Aparaajitaa (undefeated). It connotes the idea of victory. As the name denotes, Purva Ashadha nakshatra people are committed to defending their own views and values. This makes
them often fall into arguments. They may have to find logical reasoning for these arguments so that others can also understand their views. They have the strong influence of Mars in their natal chart which is making them argumentative as Mars is the god of wars. The Nakshatra’s symbol is a fan, indicating power, status, wealth and popularity. The Moon is related to our intuition, intelligence and our natural emotions.
Characteristics of Asgadha Nakshatra
It comes under in the domain of planet Jupiter (Sagittarius) and ruled by planet Venus.
They have inherent artistic qualities or eyes for beauty.
It is at the heart of Sagittarius where there is a great desire which energizes and invigorates our spirit to act upon our truth.
Purva Ashadha’s stars are the “pulled back” bow taking aim at a target showing the quality of strategy and discernment that is bestowed upon these individuals.
The winnowing basket (which separates the wheat from the chaff) is another symbol used for this constellation, again showing a good discriminating intellect but also the tendency to be judgmental, an
elitist and a separatist.
Chandra in Asgadha Nakshatra
The fan represents the destruction or intensification of the fire. Winnowing basket is used to remove the husk of the grain.
These people display the Jupitarian quality of magnifying things ambition, adventure, faith, exuberance and philosophy find their roots to this Nakshatras and we can see them having a lot of Venusian energy as well.
The Deity is Apas, the Cosmic Waters depicted as the casual waters spreading in all direction and giving rise to the affair of humanity. Varuna, is also mentioned residing deity due to its protection of the seas and the giving rain.
These natives can be very impulsive and argumentative so that it is difficult for anyone to beat them in any debate.
he is really not so courageous. However, if pushed to the limits by circumstances, he does act purposefully and the little courage that he does possess will get manifested. Till the age of 32, he will be unsettled, but after till his 50th year, he will steadily make progress in his career.