Chandra in Ashlesha Nakshatra

Ashlesha Nakshatra in the zodiac of Cancer. Its symbol is the Snake and the presiding deity is Naga and the ruling planet is Mercury. Because of the Mercurian rulership, these people exhibit a Mercurian quality. Mercury signifies communication so these people will be very much interested in
communication, that too with a lot of logic. But they don’t need to be taking care of others emotions into consideration. These people will generally like to play with the words. In a nutshell, they have the energy of a snake and they are with the wisdom of the snakes.
Characteristics of Ashlesha Nakshatra:
On the positive side,have primordial powers of insight, intuition, perception, wisdom, concentration.
They are very conscious of how they move and how their movement arouses sexual passion in others.
It may be difficult for them to work in positions where they don’t have enough independence.
He is deceptive, in that outwardly he shows that he is compassionate, but inwardly he does not care a bit.
he is fit for even a country’s leadership. He does not discriminate between rich, poor, good, or bad people.
These people learn to cultivate a sense of gratitude and courage to face reality of life.
Their good manner doesn’t last for long, once their objective is achieved, they are immediately cold and ruthless.
Chandra in Ashlesha Nakshatra:
It is this source of universal energy that, if harnessed correctly, can be used to completely transform consciousness.
This negative usage of Mercurial energy makes this one of the most dangerous nakshatras in Kaii-Yuga.
On the financial front, he is likely to suffer a heavy loss of money around the ages of 35 and, around the age of 40, he is likely to come in for some unexpected windfall.
The native of Ashlesha Nakshatra is likely to take the stream of Arts or Commerce.
His spouse will not be able to understand his feelings and moods, and sometimes even his words.
The female born in the Ashlesha Nakshatra will be possessed of self-control, but will not have a caring attitude.
She has a high moral character and will command the respect of her near and dear ones.

This Nakshatra female native has been noticed to suffer from joint pains, dropsy, jaundice, indigestion and hysteria. She may even often have nervous breakdowns.
They are intuitive and need to watch diet.
They are interested in mystical nature, astrological knowledge.