Chandra in Bharni

Bharni is the sacred conduit that contains the doorway between life and death. Bharni directly translated means ‘Bearers’ showing this quality of harnessing and holding a great creative power. Also known as the “star of restraint” people with their Chandra in Bharni have a great deal of creative energy and if they can channel their sensual energy into works of art , ideas and children there can be enormous strength and power! There can be difficulty with this energy which can entangle them into the world of illusion if they do not learn how to keep it under control.
Characteristics of Chandra in Bharni:
The natives of Chandra in Bharni are dutiful, clever in doing their work, have investigative mind, healers and interested in occult science.
The functional representation of Bharni can be bets summed up by its nature to tend towards extremities.
Bharni helps us carry the burden of making painful decisions.
They want to take the energy of you within and heal it, and protect it.
They enjoy wearing good clothes and living a royal lifestyle. Also, they share your interests in arts, singing, games, and sports.
This constellation is also considered quite positive for females because it enhances the feminine qualities which signifies the effect of Venus.
The natives of Chandra in Bharni nakshatra are not ready for a necessary transformation and yet the stars let us know in a gentle or maybe rather jarring way that we are and we need to go through the process now in order to evolve and change.
After 33, he will see a positive change in his circumstances.
He is something of an all-rounder and can fit into any kind of a job, whether it is related to administration, business, sports, music, performing art and advertisement, or even automobiles.
He will surely attain success if his business is situated on the eastern side of his home.
He devoutly loves his family, but can be subject to humiliation by them owing to the fact that he is very adamant.
He usually marries between the age of 26 to 30 years, and will have more sons than daughters.
Bharani Nakshatra is not an easy place and can make you feel emotional, raw, and provoke feelings of deep unrest