Chandra in Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra conveys in a way that this nakshatra conveys more of its inherent qualities through its name than any other asterism. Its alternative symbol is a ‘pearl’. Pearls are formed in an oyster’s moments of irritation, the same way art comes out of the artist’s moments of irritation and depression.
Chitra is thus related to the mysterious essence behind creativity, using its clear understanding of the laws of the universe. It has the ability to fashion new, wonderful and delightful things out of seemingly nothing at all. They have a high degree of virtue and integrity and like to follow the righteous path and wish to create things that will do good in the world. There is a tendency to be self-centered as they believe that their way is the highest alignment with natural law and are prepared to speak out for what
they think is right.
Characteristics of Chitra Nakshatra:
They are beautiful and have attractive eyes.
Business is more preferred by you than job because your brain works better in the business related matters.
Artistic and creative, you can rearrange anything to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
Alongside being talkative and social, you have a composure and depth that lends weight to your presence.
Positions that are dynamic, creative, and fully engage Chitras’ abilities will be the most fulfilling for them.
Male native of Chitra Nakshatra is actually coming to fruition, and people are so amazed that they confer a godly quality on him
Chandra in Chitra Nakshatra:
Chitra is the grand illusion maker creating delightful things, forms and objects, which make us want to live.
Chitra natives can become unbalanced, selfish, indulgent creatures.
It represents a bright and shining gemstone (the Pearl) and this symbol again shows that Chitra exhibits beauty and art, especially, a piece which has been formed or created under intense conditions.
Chitra represents beauty or a piece of art which has been produced by an artist under intense conditions of his mind and intense level of his creativity.
It shows the character and integrity in their personalities to do what is right no matter the chain of command.

He may earn good money as a sculptor, mechanic, factory labour, or even as a grassroots worker in politics.
Up to the age of 32 he will continue to face obstacles, but from 33 to 54 he will be on velvet.
It is to his credit that all through life he shoulders a lot of responsibilities and yet gets criticized for them without complaining.