Chandra in Dhanishta Nakshatra

Dhanishta Nakshatra consist of four stars which are arranged in a quadrilateral shape, which the ancient seers thought it signified a drum. These stars are known as Alpha-Delphini, Beta-Delphini, Delta-Delphini, and Gamma-Delphini.
Dhanishta Nakshatra spread between Capricorn and Aquarius constellations, which is ruled by the planet Mars. Represented by Damru, the musical instrument of Lord Shiva, this Nakshatra is known for their
musical abilities. Dhanishta Nakshatra natives are honest and straightforward individuals. They exude confidence and are able to overcome any obstacles that come between them and their desired objectives.

Dhanishta Nakshatra characteristics

Dhanistha peole will make you feel so homely and friendly while talking to them you would feel you knew the person since ages or he or she is just next door neighbor of yours with whom you can share or talk endlessly without feeling uncomfortable.
Those who have Dhanishta lunar mansion have a good sense of rhythm and enjoy music and dance. They are especially good at Sports like gymnastics, where grace is a prerequisite.
They have the tendency of going for a partner who is completely opposite in nature or outlook. They value their self-respect and like to stay away from conflicting situations.
 those born in the Aquarius part of this nakshatra ; scientific inquiry is the way of life. For them, the profession is also mostly related with science. 
Moon in Dhanishta Nakshatra
They are fond of music, poetry, and obstinate.
People born in this Nakshatra are Liberal minded, practical, rich, powerful, courageous, empathetic and compassionate.
The thrill of entering the unknown and meeting unexpected challenges head on is a joy for them.
He resents doing anything by thought, word or deed that may cause problems for others.
It has been observed that the natives of this Nakshatra turn out to be scientists or historians.
He is likely to get engaged in a profession where he will have to trust others, but he must ensure that he does not do it blindly.
He will inherit a lot of ancestral property. However, he may not get along too well with his in-law.
He will not be very conscious of taking preventive care but will swing into action only when some health problem aggravates. The female natives of the Dhanishta Nakshatra are very careless about their health until a problem becomes very severe.