Chandra in Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra: Hasta means Hands so it has to do lot with the skill of hands So, activities like surgeries, plumbing, wood work, pottery etc comes under this. They have eye for detail. These people are alert. Mercury shade is there and it is one of the most jovial and light hearted planet so though these people work very hard with high determination and punctuality but they will always keep their working atmosphere happy and light hearted. It helps us in setting goals and by accomplishing the goals. Hasta Nakshatra signifies the importance of inspiration and motivation in our lives. If we are uninspired there is no way we can attain any goal or be successful. If we don’t want to wake up it means that we will not be alive as well. The best way to be inspired is to be more alert. This can be easily done if we pay more attention to every small thing which we encounter in our daily lives.
Characteristics of Hasta Nakshatra:
They have Purity of thought and deed as well as self-control.
There will be a scar mark on the upper right hand or beneath the shoulder.
the reward he gets in return is nothing but criticism and opposition.
The presence of emotions make people with this nakshatra worthy of being trusted by family or close relations.
Good self control is there and one is generally pleasant(moon) and humorous due to mercury effects.
Mercury has a child like nature.
Chandra in Hasta Nakshatra:
The native is working in a low level job has been found. Most of the cases either they are engaged in business or in a high position in the industries.
He is able to enjoy an idle married life, even though occasional friction as is expected in a family will definitely be there.
One of the hidden factors noticed in the wife of a hasta native is that she may indulge in homo-sexual activities in her youth period.
Female natives born in Hasta Nakshatra also will enjoy more or less the same results as mentioned for a male native born in Hasta native.
T hey are usually very calculative and disciplined in their approach and they do not like anything being done without paying attention to the details
the professions of people are those that demand a great skill of hands, like, craftsmen, artists, gamblers, jugglers, stock market traders, mechanics, magicians, jewellery makers, tailors, gardeners etc.