Chandra in Krittika

Chandra in Krittika: Meaning of Krittika is “the cutter,” indicating perceptivity, power, and a discerning nature. In astrology, the sun is considered the king of the planets. According to the Vedic understanding, the sun is an expansion of God. This planet is associated with the soul or self, leadership, happiness, success, self- realization, and spiritual enlightenment. The symbol for Krittika is a razor or sharp cutting blade giving the ability to thrive in occupations or situations that require great precision and skill. They can be overly critical, sharp and sarcastic towards themselves and others but ultimately the desire is to purify themselves.
Characteristics of Chandra in Krittika:
The Chandra is related to our intuition, intelligence and our natural emotions.
Your face looks quite vibrant and you also walk in quite a speed.
When it comes on name and fame, you have got nothing to do with it, and you just don’t want to take favors from anybody.
The combined energies of the two military planets make it harsh in its approach and functioning. It can ruthlessly conquer any obstacles or enemies that come in its path.
Krittika Nakshatra individuals are sharp, cutting and penetrating in nature.
he has to observe maximum mental balance and keep away the out bursting temperament.
They do not tolerate imperfection because it sees them as obstacles in achieving their goals.
Chandra in Krittika:
Natives of Chandra in Krittika will be very intelligent in one hand and on the other hand, he cannot pursue any goal for long.
The native of the Krittika Nakshatra is usually lucky in conjugal life.
Till 50 years of age, he will have to struggle a lot, though the periods between 25 and 35 and 50 and 56 will be very favourable.
he may not be able to enjoy conjugal life to the fullest as he may have to live separately due to unavoidable circumstances.
This native will be closer to his mother, but the father, though he may be a popular figure, may not be able to spend quality time with him.
the health problems they generally face are related to teeth, malaria, tuberculosis, brain fever, accidental wounds, and weak eyesight.
She may not be able to conceive, or in some cases may not even get married till the late age of 37.