Chandra in Mrigashirsha

Chandra in Mrigashirsha: Mrigashirsha Nakshatra is the fifth Nakshatra of the zodiac as per Indian astrology. Mrigashirsha Nakshatra’s ruling deity is Moon or Chandra and the symbol for Mrigashirsha Nakshatra is “deer’s head”. This symbolism even gives us the idea of qualities and triads of this Nakshatra. Just like deer, which are timid, shy and nervous creatures given to quick restless movements in their constant search for food and safety. Mrigashirsha Nakshatra also signifies hunting which is one form of search. Those born with Chandra in Mrigashirsha initiate life with the one pointed nature of Mars reaching the desire of their aims at all costs. The curious and courageous nature to explore the world suites the early years of life. Chandra in Mrigashirsha natives:
Chandra in Mrigashirsha natives show immense bravery to move into new areas intellectually.
Characteristics of Chandra in Mrigashirsha:
The natives of Chandra in Mrigashirsha need to learn to speak out against injustice and to not hold in their perspectives. Planets in Mrigsira will be urged to make use of their highest potential. Your honesty and optimism, combined with your vast knowledge, make you a valuable friend who can
give excellent advice. On a negative note, this is identical to a person following the mirage and it gives rise to duplicity, superficiality and fickleness. They are also spontaneous, enthusiastic and love socializing.
They have a strong faith on your beliefs and thoughts. The cause of the disharmony could also be because of the better salary of one of them, and the inferiority complex it causes in the other one. Mrigashira represents quick radical change, and searching for enlightenment. They are good conversationalists, advisors and enjoy all vocal activities like talking and
singing.Inconstancy, fickleness, changeability, tenderness, persuasiveness, gentleness, sensuality, perceptibility – apply to this Mrigashira nakshatra.
Moon in mrigashira nakshatra. The main problem could be indigestion and resultant constipation The female native of the Mrigashira Nakshatra is intelligent and interested in charity work. She will have loving children and be a devoted wife. She acquires a lot of wealth from various sources
The female natives of the Mrigashira Nakshatra are generally found to be uneducated, as they are simply not interested in studies. The female natives of the Mrigashira Nakshatra remains busy in various activities even after marriage.

She may contract diseases such as goitre, STDs, menstrual problems and body ache. Till the age of 32, you may have to face challenges in life. After that, things will start settling. Till the age of 33 to 50, time will be very much favorable and successful for you.