Chandra in Swastika Nakshatra

Swastika Nakshatra: Swati is known as the “self-going star” and is shown to have a strong desire to be able to roam about freely as it wishes. They tend to have tenuous beginnings in life going back and forth, but, eventually takes root, and is stronger than most due to the experiences gained from trial and error. It is also symbolized by a young blade of grass blowing in the wind which reveals their flexibility to bend with change and withstand the many transitions and still stay rooted. It is good for Swastika Nakshatra types to get into breath awareness or pranayam in which they can harness the vast capacities of the mind. Socially adept and knowing what moves people, natives of Swastika Nakshatra are great communicators, marketers and business people who can disperse new ideas and products.
Characteristics of Swastika Nakshatra:
The natives of Swastika Nakshatra will never cheat someone of their property, nor does he like to get cheated.
They have good business and financial skills and are good communicators
They can be easily spotted in group situations with a continuously fixed smile on their faces.
Often very intelligent Swati types behave in the same way, even after knowing the worthlessness of trying to please everyone all the time.
People are inclined to listen to you and you have the potential to be very influential.
They are hardworking and have the courage to get successful on the basis of your hard work.
Chandra in Swastika Nakshatra:
They are compelled to go where others have not been before and tend to be the wealthy people.
Their situation is quite better from the angle of job, business, etc. they are ambitious that is why always ready to reach to the heights.
The shoot is so wonderful in symbology as it bends to outside forces, soft and persistent, rather than being rigid and breaking.
Till the age of 30, there will not be any noticeable progress in his career, but from 30 to 60, this native will be happy and prosperous.
The health of the male native of the Swastika Nakshatra will be excellent. However, occasionally he may suffer from stomach problems, piles or bone-aches.
She is very honest and pure-hearted, so much so that she not only makes new friends easily but equally easily can pacify her detractors.
The female native of the Swastika Nakshatra earns more name and fame in her profession than could have ever been imagined.