Chandrama (moon) tells you everyday what you will think today

In Vedic jyotish, chandra is our mind. The people who become mad are called lunatic. Therefore the whole world indirectly has accepted that mind has to do with chandra even if they don’t believe in Jyotish.

Someone was scheduled to meet a Sanyasi today and in this context I casted the position of planets as at 13:16 on 1st Aug 2020. His meeting is with him at 4.15 PM but just as a matter of curiosity , i draw the chart and its showed amazing results.

Pay attention to the moon and it is conjoining Ketu (sanyasi, fakir, spiritual people) and Guru (teacher) in Dhanu (university temples , higher learning) rashi.

The context of the person who called set up the meeting was to seek his access to set up a large vedic university to read , preserve and distribute Indian Vedic knowledge across the world in systematic manner. This Sanyasi is very influential and hence the person was trying to meet him.

Therefore the planets decided the fate for today and showed this amazing combination.

However there are few evil signs. Jupiter in brackets indicate there will be some problem on account of knowledge or seeking the knowledge or knowledge may not behave in proper way for this native .

Secondly, his lagna lord (he himself) is with rahu who is 6th lord of obstacles and problems and aspecting (drishti) jupiter (guru) , ketu and chandra.

Mercury is the native lagna lord and is in maithuna rashi which represents meeting . Therefore this fact also got confirmed relating to short meeting as maithuna rashi is for communication and meetings.

I was given time of meeting as 4:15 pm saturday , Aug 1, 2020 over the zoom call. Let us see which lagna is rising at 4.15 pm.

You will be amazed to see that dhanu lagna is rising at 4.15 pm on saturday, aug 1, 2020. dhanu sign or saggitarius rashi is rashi for higher education , temples, priest , university , dharma. Therefore the purpose of meeting is exactly matching with the lagna.

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