Characteristics of the Planet Ketu

Planet Ketu is just a point in the solar system. It is invisible and hence it is called as shadow planet. Ketu is also known by the names as Dragon’s tail and Descending Node.

The planet Ketu is a cruel planet although it has a spiritual aspect to it as well. It is also responsible for various kinds of mishappenings in life especially those incidents which occur suddenly like accidents etc.
When conjoined with benefic house, it gives positive results while being with malefic planets, the results may be negative. Ketu increases the positive effects of house where it is situated. The planet Ketu also forms various bad Yogas when it is in conjunction with other planets. Ketu is considered to be a great provider of spirituality. Strong influence of Ketu leads the person towards the detachment with the worldly matters and leads him or her towards salvation. Ketu induces strong religious feelings in the native and provides ultimate peace to the soul.
Characteristics of Planet Ketu
Ketu’s characteristics lie in being the planet that covers the hybrid breeds, and the stubborn faced people.
Doctors, magicians, astrologers and medical dilentattes are some of their professions that are favoured by Ketu.
each of the shadow planet’s form is incomplete, which symbolizes their never-ending quest for satisfaction and fulfillment.
Ketu stands for pure detachment and a spiritually driven worldly disconnect.
Ketu will try to drive him towards spirituality and gaining higher wisdom.
Ketu is believed to take away the material possessions, resulting in financial crises for a person.
Ketu is mysterious with complete uncertainty about its form, existence, activity, thoughts, tendencies and behaviour.
Ketu is all about subtle, sudden, unexposed, unpredictable, secret and latent capabilities and power.
Lineage of the natives
it can give weak eyesight, poor concentration power, boundless worries and anxiety to the native.
The native can be a bad speaker, hard hearted, economical, quarrelsome, immoral, sinful & proud.
Such a person will give more importance to making other people happy, even if he does not get the required happiness in return.

Natives with a benefic Planet Ketu in their Chart blesses a native with a strong sense of intuition and the ability to foresee the events that may happen in the future.
They may grow their beards for a long time, and then suddenly shave it. They wear odd combinations in clothes and may have a bad hair-style.
They make lack personal hygiene, and would appear insignificant in front of others, due to a lack of charisma and charm.
They do not have great ambitions, and would also try to convince others to remain simple.
The natives of Planet Ketu may pick up fights with anyone who may not agree with their opinions and ideas.
They may have a career, wherein, in spite of great hard-work, they may be paid lesser than the norm.