Characteristics of the Planet Saturn

Planet Saturn is a planet that is connected to the concepts of limitation and restriction. Although it may seem depressing on the surface, Saturn’s role in astrology is to bring meaning and structure to our lives. The planet Saturn reminds us about the restrictions of matter and time – it asks of our commitment, responsibility, and boundaries. Saturn highlights our need for limitations and self-control, meaning that this planet creates dedication to responsibility and discipline – something we need if we want to succeed
in our goals. Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn, whose ambitions drive it to greater and greater heights – heights that can only be conquered through hard work and discipline. Those under this sign find comfort in understanding the boundaries in the world.
Characteristics of Saturn planet
Saturn Planet is the Servant of the Solar System. Shani Graha is Shudra (service class) by caste, Rasi Sign Sea-goat (Capricorn), Pitcher (Aquarius). Saturn is the eldest among all planets.
Planet Shani is the natural karaka of the longevity, sorrow, grief’s. Owner of the sign Capricorn and Aquarius, 10th and 11th in the zodiac.
Neuter, sorrowful, emaciated and long physique, lame indolent, big teeth, honey colored eyes and coarse, rough hair.
Black and dark complexion. Windy, taamsick, in nature. Old and torn, untidy, multicolored clothes represents this planet.
It has great spiritual value. No saint can take birth without a well-placed and strong Saturn.
Lineage of the natives
Planet Saturn has a dark complexion. It is of neuter gender.
The child is usually found to have large teeth and the color of his eyes have a fine reddish brown shade.
The child grows up cultivating the attribute of positive strength and is able to channelize his powers through radical judgment.
Those under the direct influence of this planet are bound to work hard.
If Saturn is in harmony with the other planets in your natal chart, this planet can become your most powerful ally.