Characteristics of the Planet Venus

Planet Venus is considered to be the goddess of love, marriage, beauty and comforts. Venus is a feminine planet. it rules the signs Taurus and Libra, the second and the seventh signs of the Zodiac. Being a feminine planet Venus rules the gentle and refined attributes. This is why people ruled by Venus are kind and sociable. By their pleasing personality, calmness. patient hearing to what others say, and refined nature. they will soften the milled feelings of others. change their attitude and prove to be real peace makers. Also Venus furnishes the bond between all members of the family. A strong Venus in a chart indicates that the native will have attraction to the other sac early in his life.
Characteristics of Planet Venus
Planet Venus’s power, we are able to learn and explore our pleasures, tastes, inclinations, and all things that make us happy.
These may seem like materialistic pursuits, but keep in mind that they also remind us of the abundant beauty of the world.
the child shall exhibit a shine and glamour that is sync with the character of the goddess that s/he is named after.
The name of the planet not only denotes beauty and passion but excellence in all dispositions in equal disposition as well.
The desire to seek pleasure and love follows from this Guna itself.
Lineage of the natives
The name Venus suggests strength and persistence in desires amongst other things, which gets reflected in the demeanor of the child as well.
Venus furnishes the bond between all members of the family.
Venus is for Lok-Sukha and can bestow all comforts on one enabling him to lead a pleasant life in the world.
Venus may also be the cause of injuries by an accident through any vehicle, car accident, plane accident. etc. Injuries may also be caused by animals like panther, bull, cow, buffalo, goat etc