Charcateristics of the Planet Mars

Planet Mars is one of the outer planets. It is nearer to the Earth than any of other outer planets like Jupiter or Saturn etc. Planet Mars is red in colour. So its light is reddish in appearance. Mars is a dry, fiery planet masculine by nature. Mars is significator of energy. both constructive and destructive. depending upon his position, aspects and location in the horoscope. Mars has much to do with one‘s ambitions and desires. Mars symbolizes the senses and rules over the animal instincts in man. Mars bestows one with
quick mental activity and extra- ordinary muscular strength. great organizing ability, power for practical execution. independent spirit, force of character. strong determination. ambition to come out successful
in the material world inspite of oppositions and above all leadership in all pursuits. Mars gives the chance to accomplish everything which one desires. in a resourceful and ingenious manner.

Characteristics of Planet Mars
Mars Planet has his dominion where ever fire is lit. He has governance over kitchens, furnaces and the house of grain roasters.
Represents ‘summer’ in all seasons. Brass, bronze, red coral, Army, soldiers, arms and weapons are represented by Mars.
Exalted in sign Capricorn (0-28 degrees), debilitated in sign Cancer (0-28 degrees), Mooltrikona is sign Aries (0-12 degrees), own sign Aries (12-30 degrees),Scorpio(0-30 degrees) Blood ( red blood corpuscles), bone marrow, head, HBP,kidney,external structure of uterus, body muscles in our body, tart taste, red lentils(masoor dal) are all Mars things.
Bravery, valor, anger, landed properties, disputes, conspiracy, accidents, wounds, masculine power, instrumentation, legalities and litigations are all subjects related and signified by Mars / Mangal.
Lineage of the natives
Mars Planet is the Commander of the solar system. Mars is Kshatriya (Warrior) by caste, Rasi Sign- sheep, scorpion and the most adamant among all planets.
Planet Mars is the natural karaka of the brothers and sisters.
Short stout male with confident face, fire red in color. Fiery, Taamsic and bilious in nature.
Red color, burnt clothes represents this planet.
He will become an extremist and a sexual pervert.
It affects the areas of life where you express your enthusiasm and apply your drive.