Effects of Birth in Different Yonis

Hora ratnam , a Jyotish Scripture pronounces the following results if the Birth takes place in a particular Yoni.

Asva Yoni Fickle minded , will move fast, be fond of war and be mighty and faithful to his lord
Gaja YoniWalk at Slow pace, will eat plenty , strong, be dear to King, be faithful to king & fatigued
Aja Yonibreak into impeccable and rare places , be quite suspicious and intelligent
Sarpa Yoniwill instill fear, will usurps others homes
Svana YoniWill eat everything , be a liar, wicked, will not be able to withstand forest, be heroic
Marjara Yoni Will have Tawny eyes, will eat anything, be fickle minded, contemptuous and unnecessary irascible
Mushaka Yoniwicked , interested in others undertakings , will destroy others work and will destroy enemies
Pashu Yonifond of consuming milk, very charming, helpful to others, endowed with various kind of quardrapeds
Mahisha YoniWalk at slow pace , stout bodied , will eat avidly, be mighty, wealthy and consume much more food and milk
Vyagrha Yoniwill be destroyer, will eat anything, be a scholar , skillful, fearful by mere appearance
Mriga YoniWill enjoy songs and musical instruments, be quite good looking, fond of deers or wicked.
Vanar YoniTawny eyed, unstable in mind, will move in forest, will consume fruits and will win Trust of none.
Nakul YoniCharming in appearance , will live in holes or small places, will honour others mission and be long lived.
Simha YoniVery strong , will have Twany eyes, thin waste and be fearful in appearance and will eat anything
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