Ending Times of teh Samkalpa

Column four after each item has the ending time for each tithi, nakshatra and yoga, respectively. Usually the tithi ending time is the same as the karana ending time. If this is the case, the ending time for the evening karana is listed, and you can assume that the morning karana ends on the tithi ending time. If an ending time is after midnight, the time is listed with a three-letter abbreviated name for the next day. All times are given for “Standard Time.” Therefore, if a “Daylight Savings Time” is in effect in your area, the time given in the Vedic calendar will need to be changed by
adding an extra hour in it.
Those who are reciting the samkalpa from the calendar during home or temple puja will note that often two tithis, yogas, karanas or nakshatras are listed in the samkalpa, separated by a slash mark. This indicates that there is a change from the first to the second during that day. (The actual time of
the change is found in column four.) The first is the 6AM calculation and the second is the 6PM calculation. For example, if the tithi reads “shasthi/saptami,” shasthi is the morning calculation and saptami is the evening calculation. Only one entry is shown in the samkalpa when both the morning and evening calculations are the same.