Free Birth Nakshatra Reading

The Moon is the mind as the mind was attained when the seed of the father caused the impregnation in the mother’s womb. Once the soul coming from the father was conceived. It is said that the mind and the body immediately followed suit and were instantaneously joined to the soul. As this happened as a result of conception the moon mother represents the mind and the sharira of the body. Therefore the moons nakshatra and the nakshatra which follows it will also represent the limbs of the physical body itself and also known as the nakshatra purusha.

Since the Mind controls the senses the five karmendriya or acting senses and the Gyan indriyas or knowledge-acquiring senses ,the nakshatra have a direct bearing on our actions.

Yet they do not create our actions, but affect our mind and form the basis of our actions.

This inspiration is seen in the nakshatra and is called. Kriya Shakti.

The stars are where the deva’s aside. The Moon is the Mana or mind of all the beings. Hence, we have a lunar zodiacal scheme where we can measure the Divine Inspirations arising from the day were in the stars and how it affects the mind of the individuals as the nakshatra will have impact on the mind.

The moons nakshatra will show the theme of our life and impact that we will have on the world.

Here each nakshatra is presided over by a devotee whose mythology and symbol will decide the theme of life and natives impact on the world.

Further the nine garages are given three nakshatras each to preside over and when the planet presiding over the moons nakshatra is strong the native will leave the impact on the words they live in The nakshatra Lord is analyzed from the perspective of longevity or ayu, first and foremost. How the person’s longevity is and how this affects one’s life is interpreted by ascertaining the placement of the nakshatra Lord with respect to the 7th house and it’s Lord in this way in the Birth chart. The nakshatra Lord is termed jeeva or the living being .

If you want the reading of your mind, submit the following details so that we can find out in which nakshatra you were born in.