Gandanta Birth remedies

Gandanta birth is of three kinds, namely of Tithi, Nakshatr and Lagna. Birth, travelling and performance of auspicious functions, like marriage etc., during Gandanta birth are likely to cause death of the person concerned. Now I will tell you the remedial measures to be adopted to release the child, born during Gandanta birth, from its evil effects. The remedial measures aregiving a bullock in charity in the case of Tithi Gandanta,

Remedies from Gandanta Birth

  • giving a cow with calf in charity
  • giving gold in charity in the case of Lagn Gandanta
  • the birth is in the first part of Gandanta and along with mother
  • chanting of ‘Kayanshicatra’ etc. Mantra.
  • Thereafter Havan should be performed
  • the fuel of Aak wood pieces for Surya
  • Sprinkle the holy water of the Kalash on the child born
  • Offer worshipful regards to the priest, performing the remedial rites and
  • lastly feed as many Brahmins, as possible within one’s means. By performance
  • of the remedial rites in the manner described above, evil effects of the
  • inauspicious birth are wiped and the native enjoys happiness and is blessed with good fortune.