Sun in fifth house

  • Sun in the fifth house effects are ,the typical associations of the natives of Surya in Bhava V are games, fashion, royalty, speculation, etc.  They are known for their bright creativity.  The natives of this graha love the games of politics.  Their personality can be described as royal, politically astute, entertaining, dramatic, active and intelligent.  Their father may be into gambling, drama, celebrity roles, entertainment industry, etc.  The native seeks creative work linked with theatrical stage.  What comes naturally to these natives is seeking roles that bring in all the attention, for instance kingship or celebrity.  They adore iconic centrality.  The native may be a literary genius.  Their energy may be described as radiant.  In matters of politics, the native grabs all the attention to themselves. So they do in the matters of literature, poetry, performance arts, romance, or theatre.  They may seem to lack empathy at times, which may be a result of their self-perception that they are the center of everything.  Due to the Surya’s heat and dry energy, the number of offspring of the native is limited.  Surya’s energies are not favourable for fertility, but favor intellectual creativity to a large extent.  The children of the native tend to be independent.  The native is more likely to adopt children instead of bearing them.  Surya-5 native tends to be a gamer and, often, a popular-among-the-students teacher. They are more charming than disciplinary.  Their romantic nature shows in their liking for poetry.  They come across as ego-central.  Some common associations with their personality are creative, fashionable, empowering, admirable, brilliant performer and amusing.  Their strife for praise and recognition is all about their engagement with children or their creative performances.  A demand for entertainment and amusement is prevalent.  They tend to innovate.  Performance style of these natives is not conventional. Their style makes them unique.  They may possess narcissistic tendencies.  Having fun at other people’s expense comes easy to the unevolved natives of Surya occupying fifth house.  Their self-centeredness may not be prevalent to them.  They tend to preserve royal entitlements and enjoy political glory.