Grahas Varahamhira

” Rulership of Grahas Varahamhira”

  1. The sun presides over the people of the Western half of the Nerbada, of the countries on both banks of the Sonne, of Orissa, Bengal, Suhma, Kalinga, Balhika, Saka, Yavana, Magada, Sabaro, Eutern parts of Jotishapura, China and Camboja.
  2. Over the people Of Mekala, Kirata, Vitaka, the outer and inner mountains Pulinda, the Eastern half of Dravida the east bank of the Yamuna
  3. Over the people of the Champa city, the Udumbara, citizens of Koushambi, of Chedi, of Kaliuga in the forest of the Vindhya mountains, of Pundra, of Golangula, of Sri parvata and  the town Of Vardhmana ;
  4. And over the people living on the banks of the Ikshumati. He also presides over hillmen, quick-silver, deserts, Shepherds, seeds, pod grains, bitter flavor, tea, gold, fire, poison, successful in battle.
  5. Over medicines, physicians, quadrupeds, farmers, kings, butchers, traveller,serpents, forests and renowned and cruel men.
  6. The moon preside over citadels fortified by bills or by water, over Oade, Broach, the sea, the city of Rome, the country of Tukhara, dwellers, Hala and Strirajya in the big seas.
  7. She presides over sweet juice, flowers, fruit, water, sale, gems, coach, pearls, creatures of water, paddy, barley, medicinal plants, wheat, kings attacked in the rear, and Brahmins.
  8. She also presides over fine, white horses, charming young women, commanders of army of food, clothes, horned animals, farmers.
  9. Mars presides over people residing in the west half of the countries on both banks of the Sonne, the Nerbada aud the Beas ; over those residing on the banks of the vindhya, the Vetravati, the Sipra, the Godavari and the Vena.
  10. The Ganges, the Pioshni, the Mahanadi, the Indus, the Malati and the Para ; he presides over the country of Utara Pandya, the Mahendra, the Vindaya and the Malaya mountains and the Choladesa.
  11. The Dravida, the Videhas, the Andhrag, the Asmaku, the Bhagapura, the Konkau, the Mantrishikas, the Kunalu, the Keralag, the Dandaku, the Kantipuru, the Mleohu and the mixed races.
  12. they also preside over Nasik, Bhogavardhana, Virata countries bordering on the Vindhaya mountains and over the people living on the banks of the Tapti the Gamtee.
  13. He presides over citizens, farmers, firemen, soldiers, forestmen, chief towns, butchers, sinners, naughty men.
  14. Kings, children, elephant, cops, infanticides,shepherds, red fruit, red flowers, corals, commanders of army, jaggery, wine and cruel men.
  15. Grahas Varahamhira Over storehouses Agnihotries, metal mines, the shakhya in red robes, the Budhista, thieves, persona having deep hatred.
  16. Grahas Varahamhira has Mercury presides over the western half of the Louhitya river, the lndus, the Gogra, the Gambhiraka, the Ratba

Author: Pooja Agnihotri

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