Guru in Eighth Bhava

Guru in eighth bhava makes the person optimistic and cooperative. When Guru is in eighth bhava, the native can gain financially through partner or inheritance matters. The person may also get financial support from family or friends. They are highly intuitive, compassionate and sensitive, and should use these energies positively to heal humanity of the psychic wounds. Involvement with other people’s money also begets financial gains to you.this encourages people to seek for pleasure in all aspects of
life, plus makes them be quite spiritual and very sociable.
Physical characteristics of the native of Guru in Eighth Bhava:
 There are three are the basic factors that shape up one’s natal chart and that astrologers were interpreting. They are zodiac signs, of course, astrological planets and houses.
 The natives of Guru in eighth bhava also have strong intuition and psychic knowledge of people and the universe, which if used constructively helps them heal mankind.
 The sexual life will always be rich because Jupiter is the planet of expansion and the 8th house deals also with sex.
 They may have a great attitude to the aspects of life that others find far more uncomfortable and it is a place where the individual seeks increased understanding in areas ruling the inner planes of life, the deep level of existence, and the life-death cycle.
 They can easily get to the root of any problem and instinctively realise this is where the answer lies.
Lineage of the natives of Guru in Eighth Bhava:
 This field is the house of death, secrets, the house of sacrifice, occultism and everything that is taboo.
 The native of Guru in eighth bhava will present themselves and maybe get the opportunity of a lifetime by getting together with someone who is their soulmate.
 They are naturally giving to a partner, both emotionally and materially
 They may even get this inheritance from their inlaws. Besides, they are highly intuitive, compassionate and sensitive.
 These natives should see not to abuse their gifts to manipulate others, which is definitely not a way to go and it would likely haunt you.
 they may even hide things from their family members. While doing this, they seem to have the ability to read others like open books.
 They may have Power struggles in a relationship could involve religion, the individual beliefs and morals, and it can be extreme, involving an intense and emotional experience over their convictions.
 They are a unique personality, one optimistically involved with ‘dark’ stuff. As the case is with all those with a strong influence of Jupiter, there is a risk of not knowing any limitations.