Guru in Fifth Bhava

Guru in fifth bhava gives mix results to native. The person is master of political science, famous in society, earns money from gambling and share markets, scholar and blessed with children. When Guru in fifth bhava, it
helps the person form a love bond, which is sometimes likely to originate from similar interests relating to religion and philosophy. These love attachments would be favorable for the native Guru in fifth bhava also suggests benefit from speculation and investment matters, provided the native uses his judgment and intuition wisely. Nevertheless, excessive gambling and speculation should be avoided.
Physical characteristics of the natives of Guru in fifth bhava:
 Jupiter symbolizes good luck, wealth, prosperity, fame, optimism, and generosity. Your upbeat attitude keeps you excited and enthusiastic, which helps you enter into any situation with plenty of enthusiasm.
 The natives of Guru in fifth bhava will be more into creative areas, entertainment, children and recreation. They are highly talented in teaching, showing patience and love for the learning process.
 These individuals will be confident about everything this house rules over, which is sex, gatherings with friends and even love.
 When Jupiter is retrograde, the person sometimes overrates their abilities, thus falls prey to wrong judgment and arrogance.
 It also gives difficulties in education and sometime the person cannot complete his/her studies due to unknown problems.
Lineage of the natives of Guru in Fifth Bhava:
 Women can have the relations with old men and he/she will be popular person in his/her group.
 These natives form great attachment with children and get many opportunities to teach them as well.
 His first child will be male but will not have good relations with him.
 His son will do anti-social activities and friendship with wrong people.
 They are having playful nature keeps people coming back for more. You love being in the spotlight, and they keep putting you there.
 They need to ensure they are not impacting others while carrying forward with their activities.
 These natives love to read and when it comes to love, they prefer to have more than just one partner until getting married.
 All the natives of this placement will be lucky when it comes to law and justice, so expect them to win in court each time they may have a problem of this nature.
 they can hide things from their life partners.
 they flock to your side when they want to feel better about themselves. They know how to show people a good time, and this is what makes you happiest.
 They will meet many special people and eventually find their perfect partner. They really don’t want too much responsibility when in a relationship, so it’s a good idea to let their spirit roam as freely as possible.