Guru in First Bhava

Guru in first bhava makes people very confident about what they can achieve and usually things sit exactly as they want them to. Jupiter is a benefice planet with positive energies; if Jupiter is well placed in horoscope it can embellish your life. As much good yoga exists in your chart but in case Jupiter is weak and malefic the good yoga’s won’t give their good results. Marriage or construction of a house with one’s own earnings in the 24th or 27th year would prove inauspicious for the longevity of the
father’s life.
Physical characteristics of natives of Guru in First Bhava:
 They are deprived of learning and education. They will be healthy and never afraid of enemies.
 The native of Guru in first bhava will be attractive in appearance, energetic, long-lived, will act after assessing consequences, be learned, courageous and great.
 It is usual to find many leaders from this group. People say they are generous and trustworthy. Usually, kings, princes and princess shall have this arrangement in their birth chart.
 They will have a lot of scope for personality development. They can grow spiritually, personally, professionally and in other areas of life.
 This planet rules over abundance, people having it in the 1st house will gain weight easier than others.
 Jupiter in first house gives hare fall or teeth problems in young age
 It had challenges and problems of life, you shall exhibit the highest levels of self-confidence. Jupiter shall provide you with enough amount of foresight necessary to anticipate the results of your actions so that you always take a careful stand.
Lineage of the natives of Guru in First Bhava:
 It gets rid of all the impurities and negative things. Individuals with this placement are impressive, usually healthy, good with astrology, great students of life and honest.
 The native of Guru in first bhava may have first child male and he is his self is a holy person.
 They will get the support of support of mother and will get continue to the age of 51 years.
 They shall always carry a positive and practical attitude towards life and shall possess a mature understanding combined with dignity.
 It is good to be independent but it should not happen in such a manner that you trespass into somebody else’s territory.
 The person is always free from any difficulties of life.
 These natives live a healthy life, are beautiful creatures and never lie. They won’t have problems with their education or the children in their life
 It gives a lot of confidence to the natives having it here. This means they would be more enthusiastic, eager to live and even overwhelming.