Guru in Fourth Bhava

The natives of Guru in fourth bhava are usually very lucky because this planet brings only abundance and good fortune. It’s very possible they will be filthy rich, the type who lives in a mansion or on an island. And all
this will happen to them at an early age. they live alone, they need a place that has many windows and a beautiful view as they tend to be quite claustrophobic. They’re usually generous and love their friends or
family more than anything else in the world. The inner-depths of the individual reveal a generous soul, especially when it comes to family and there could be a large set of people residing at home to share in
all the fun, but the person may also express the archer through spiritual, religious and intuitive themes in their private life.
Physical characteristics of the natives of Guru in Fourth Bhava:
 They have a unique ability to learn things quickly which also makes them very knowledgeable and intelligent.
 They need Mercury somewhere in their chart to be in good aspects, because if not, they will have a different career.
 The person shares a cordial bond with parents, and often follows similar faith and traditions.
 The person may get high education with knowledge of Vedas.
 The individual’s inner faith, wonder, and it is often thought that only sages or wise people could unlock the knowledge that leads the individual towards this sense of meaning lineage of the natives.
 The individuals have a great advantage in the real estate business and they may get unpredicted gains.
 their cousins and grandparents will be very important for them as they seem to love their relatives more than anything else in the world
 Native however should not become a bragger nor submit to over-indulgence.
 The person may have felt a lot of positivity from parents, who were encouraging and enthusiastic; perhaps they were educators or shared knowledge with the child.
 Individuals tend to be more sensitive and it impacts their decision-making.
 There is a possibility that the natives might lose their capital assets which maybe land, property, shares, stock market loss, etc
 They will always look for a partner who can help them make their dreams of a beautiful home come true. Their childhood inspired them to search for this and to want comfort.
 The father may have been into religion, or possesses a giving, good-natured, generous and positive outlook at home; and he may have travelled a lot.
 The father may have shown the individual the breadth and depth of the world, opening their eyes wide to the bounty of life itself, and his family line may be multicultural.