Guru in Seventh Bhava

Guru in seventh bhava helps people have a charm and a smile that can warm anyone’s heart and that can turn opponents into friends easily. Guru in seventh bhava, ruling over marriage and any other type of relationships, meet, they make for fair-play people. They’re usually lucky with legal issues and capable to mitigate any conflict. There’s the danger they get too comfortable with being lucky all the time, so being overconfident is not a good idea for them.
Physical characteristics of the natives of Guru in Seventh Bhava:
 The natives much concerned about their relationship and therefore, they would be able to lead a blessed and peaceful married life.
 These individuals usually lead a healthy and wealthy lifestyle and also enjoy all the simple life pleasures.
 Jupiter in this placement makes them the best students of life and has them lucky with everything they may be doing.
 He is a good speaker and gets more benefits in foreign countries.
 There will always a fine blend of both exists simultaneously. Thus, being very tender and delicate house, it is better that it should not have any influence either by placement or aspect of jupiter in seventh house.
 He or she would carry a very flexible as well as friendly stance towards life which would make him wise and able to hold strong relations with the people around him or her.
Lineage of the natives of Guru in Seventh Bhava:
 Native of Guru in seventh bhava gets caring spouse from rich and reputed family, will be sensitive towards others and family.
 The spouse will be obedient to native and has attractive waist line.
 These native will be lucky in intimate matters and passionate.
 They are generous and will be more successful than their father.
 They are very emotional and they do their work with devotion and honesty.
 They will get to feel enlightened as soon as their significant other will enter their life. Their wedding will be like in fairy tales because they want to spend a lot of money on this important event.
 The natives with this placement are highly responsible, honest and have due respect for others.
 Natives of Guru in seventh Bhava are believed to be successful in legal matters because of having this placement.
 They want someone religious and philosophical because they’re interested in these subjects themselves.
 Having a charm and a smile that can warm anyone’s heart, they’re the best when working in teams.
 They don’t mind sharing their life with someone and can learn a lot from a partner who appreciates them from who they are. Their problems will usually get solved because they can talk things through and prefer to settle by making others not even realize they’ve made a compromise.