Guru in Third Bhava

The native of Guru in third bhava may have a grand vehicle. They can be a good writer, knower of the scriptures and literature lover. They will be able to keep their all senses subdued. They will most probably live abroad and live a luxurious life but may not be very rich. They will be a good businessperson and quite erotic. Even women take advantages of his erotic nature, the concept of expansion, education, wisdom and earning, prosperity and growth.
Physical characteristics of the natives of Guru in third bhava:
 They are likely to be very intuitive.
 They are open-minded, talkative and charming so naturally, they lead some very busy social lives.
 They feel happy to share ideas. They are able to see the larger picture and often turn to others for advice and suggestions.
 the native will be a good business man but there will be differences with brothers and the native will be involved in bad deeds. His brother may achieve the heights in life.
 They are good in the field of communication, intellect, verbal expression, primary and early education, speech, thinking process, learning from immediate experience, short distance trips, transport and traffic, childhood and relations with people from the native’s environment.
 They should pursue a goal and choose work that involves a lot of movement. This helps ease your mental distress.
 they usually manage to keep their 5 senses in line and don’t bother too much with things that don’t matter. In the meantime, they like discussing everything that doesn’t seem important.
Lineage of the natives of Guru in Third Bhava:
 Their brother may achieve the heights in life.
 The third field tells about one’s potentials and capacities regarding communication skills.
 This house tells much about your relations with people, exactly because it has to do with exchange and learning through communication.
 Travel tends to bring good luck to these natives. When retrograde, Jupiter makes the person a man of few words, sincere but they struggle to settle, both on mental as well as physical level.’
 They seem to have a good business sense and love everything about the erotic. Members of the opposite sex will love this about them.
 They care a lot for their loved ones especially their husband. This is shown very vividly whenever they spend time with their near and dear ones.
 They should learn to focus on one or two subjects at a time, and they will be able to increase your knowledge at an even greater rate.
 These native can do good educational exercise and get a good job in the field.
 They will also associated with practical thinking and one’s problem-solving skills, which is of major importance throughout the lifetime.