Jobs & Career

We are all living in Kaliyuga and the biggest issue which we will face during this time period of 432000 years is the sustaining ourself. Hence the question of career and sustaining one self is paramount. Jyotish gives lot of clues in this regard.

Looking at the chart below , one can assess the career whether One will do Business or one will do the Service or one will have not work at all.


The 10th House shows the career or the status in the society. The 6th house shows Service and subordinates and the 7th house shows business.

The 5th house shows the power and authority but also shows the change in career or transformation in career or sudden change in career.

The 9th house shows end of status or the simhasan.

8th House shows troubles and when 8th lord in conjoined with 10th lord , there will be problems in career.

The 2 nd house , 6th house and 10th house shows the arth trikona . This triangle is very important because it gives vital clues in terms of what will sustain us in terms of career , money and luck relating to career.