Jupiter’s Rasi Effects.

Jupiter in Aries: Should Jupiter be in Aries at the time of birth, the person will be uncoquerable, of variable character, involved in some famous work, very resolute, physically vigorous and akin to an elderly person in qualities.The native will carry out his work after a great deal of deliberation. He will have enemies and numerous expenses and Will have scars on his body. He will be subjected to a cruel (or severe) punishment. He will acquire progeny, gemstones, ornaments etc.

Jupiter in Taurus: If Jupiter at birth occupies Taurus, the person will be troubled (in many ways), be a wanderer, fortunate, well-dressed, beautiful, affectionate to his spouse, modest and will serve gods, Brahmins and preceptors. He will have a stout, attractive and wide physique, will gain through agricultural products and quadrupeds, and be skilful in justice, politics and scientific experiments.

Jupiter in Gemini: One with Jupiter in Gemini will be skilful, considerate, scholarly, will be a well-wisher of others through his speech as well as thought, merciful. The person with Jupiter in Gemini will be courteous in speech, highly intelligent, and will have knowledge of ancient disciplines. He will be an able writer and will have a wide circle of friends.

Jupiter in Cancer: If Jupiter at birth is in Cancer, the native will be beautiful, scholarly, energetic, strong, heroic, learned, righteous, famous and be honoured in the world (i.e. widely honoured). One with Jupiter in Cancer will have various kinds of wealth, be intoxicated by sexual lust, be skilful in various branches of studies, be an affable speaker, skilful in several undertakings, and will possess conveyances. He will enjoy fortunes with the passage oftime. Food comforts and wealth will be at his disposal. He will be honoured like an elderly person, will perform good deeds for the welfare of others and will be ever ready to help his friends.

Jupiter in Leo: One with Jupiter in Leo will be very heroic, will enjoy firm courage as well as energy, be scholarly, will have set aims, be liberal, fierce, heroic and will have many affectionate friends. Further, the subject will earn money from remote places surrounded by forests, hills etc. He will be charitable in disposition, will usurp wealth of his enemies and be a gifted speaker. He will earn honours in the assembly of men, be bold, wealthy and attached to his friends. His progeny will also be welleducated.

Jupiter in Virgo: If Jupiter is in Virgo at birth, the native will have professional skills, supreme intelligence, be scholarly and interested in affairs related to work (i.e. devoted to work), meanings ofSastras, crafts, Vedas and poetry. He will be attractive in appearance.The native with Jupiter as above will be particularly fond ofpurity. He will enjoy excellent robes and food, be endowed with attractive features, a scholar and will give trouble to his adversaries. He will be highly intelligent, righteous, skilful in his work and be of pure disposition. He will be a linguist and will enjoy abundance ofwealth. He will be skilful in interpreting the Sastras of the remote past.
Jupiter in Libra: IfJupiter is found in Libra at birth, the person will possess surprising (i .e. incalculable) wealth, will prattle a lot, be a great man, famous for his intelligence, beautiful, endowed with good conduct, modest and extremely successful in business affairs. Moreover, the native will be blessed with worthy and numerous sons. He will be interested in meditation, worship, divine assignments, and honouring Brahmins, guests and the like. However, he will be troubled by his adversaries.
He will speak sweetly, be endowed with attractive (or fortunate) features due to a kingly person, He will live in distant lands. His wealth will be spent on dancers etc.
Jupiter in Scorpio: If Jupiter occupies Scorpio at birth, the person will be mean, will have many enemies as well as strong friends, will betray others, be ill-disposed, cunning, torturous and will have a bad spouse.His children will revolt against him. He will incur loss of children, be fond of finding others’ blemishes, will dishonour others, be troubled by diseases, will acquire the company of excellent women, be hypocritic and be interested in questionable deeds.
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Should Jupiter be in Sagittarius, the native will be fond of offering gifts (to superiors). devoted to Vedas and righteousness, and will head rely sacrifices and vows. His wealth will be unstable. He will donor, be gentle and will have many friends. There is a version to state that the native’s wealth will be ever firm (which is only logical) as against our text’s mention of instability of wealth. He will help others, be attached to functions like religious initiation, religious Sacrifices and temple-renovation. He will enjoy superior positions and will live in many countries (or places) and will be long-lived.
Jupiter in Capricorn: One with Jupiter in Capricorn will be soft in disposition, will have less energy, attached to mean deeds, will meet with a bad end, be a fool, will have to obey others’ orders, be bereft Of wealth, will undergo much labour and be anguished.
Jupiter in Aquarius: Should Jupiter be in Aquarius, the native will be a tale-bearer, liar, contemptuous, untruthful, a bad craftsman (or a bad worker), will serve others, be the chief of a group and will indulge in very mean deeds. Further, the native will incur diseases (particularly of teeth and stomach) and financial upheavals. He will not believe in the Almighty. He will lose his wealth on account of his own faults, be ill-related to elderly women and be bereft ofvirtues and intelligence.
Jupiter in Pisces: If Jupiter is in Pisces at birth, the subject will honour his elders, be highly praiseworthy, bold, will have firm undertakings, be highly proud and interested in meanings of Vedas, Sastras and poetry. The native will enjoy the following effects as well. His wealth will increase due to the goodwill ofmen in power. He will be skilful in domestic routines, be pure in conduct and will be respected by men ofvirtues. He will advise even powerful people, be famous and wealthy. His undertakings will always be successful. He will be peaceful in disposition and be praiseworthy.

 Jupiter’s Effects in Horn.

Jupiter in Sun’s Hora: IfJupiter is in the Hora ofthe Sun, the person will be highly irascible, miserly, blemished in respect of speech, very fierce, will commit sins secretly and will argue with others.
Jupiter in Moon’s Hora: IfJupiter is in a Hora nxled by the Moon, the person will be fortunate, good-looking, will have firm work and wealth, will afford shelter or protection to others, be charitably disposed and be firm in friendship.
Effects of Jupiter in Decanates.
Jupiter in Sun’s Decanate: With Jupiter occupying a decanate ruled by the Sun, the native will be miserly, cruel, bereft of work, very bold and will gather wealth through questionable and evil deeds.
Jupiter in Moon’s Decanate: If Jupiter i 703/952 decanate of the Moon, the person will be exceedingly attrace-. famous, endowed with great honour and wealth, resolute and devoted to gods and Brahmans.
Jupiter in Mars’ Decanate: Should Mars be the lord of the decanate occupied by natal Jupiter, the subject will incur fear through his kinsfolk, diseases of the eyes and bilious imbalances. His wealth and corn will be destroyed. He will be a garrulous speaker and will indulge in thieving.
Jupiter in Mercury’s Decanate: If Mercury be the ruler of the decanate occupied by Jupiter at birth, the native will be an excellent personage. He will be famous, endowed with learning and modesty. Very charitably disposed, he will perform good deeds and be endowed with virtues.
Jupiter in Own Decanate: IfJupiter is found in his own decanate, the native will possess good qualities and will have his enemies defeated. He will be forgiving in disposition, will receive royal honours, be rich in regard to quadrupeds and will respect his elders.
Jupiter in Venus’ Decanate: When natal Jupiter is found in a decanate ruled by Venus, say the following. The native will be rich with plenty ofgold and excellent gem-stones. He will be ofvariable dispositions, endowed with happiness and be close to the ruler.
 Jupiter in Saturn’s Decanate: If natal Jupiter occupies Saturn’s decanate, the person will be fierce, will steal others’ wealth, be of bad disposition, will perform evil deeds, be bereft of friends and will experience abundant grief.

Navamsa Effects of Jupiter.

Jupiter in Leo Navamsa: If Jupiter occupies the Navamsa ruled by the Sun, the native will be a servant, will do evil deeds, bg wicked, bereft of wealth, of less energy and fierce.
Jupiter in Cancer Navamsa: If Jupiter occupies
Cancer Navamsa ruled by the Moon, the subject will be fortunate,fond of guests, fearful, gracious and liked by women.
Jupiter in Aries/Scorpio Navamsa: If Jupiter occupies a Navamsa owned by Mars, the person will suffer from diseases of the face etc., be in the grip of vices and expenditure, be sinful, brilliant and very wicked.
Jupiter in Gemini / Virgo Navamsa: If Jupiter occupies a Navamsa of Mercury, the native will be kind, wealthy, righteous, well-dressed, interested in Sastras and devoted to elders.
Jupiter in Sagittarius / Pisces Navamsa: If Jupiter occupies his own Navamsa, the native will be akin to a king (lit. will wear royal dress), endowed with sons, will have excellent knowledge in one particular line of art, will know the meaning of Sastras and be very valorous.
Jupiter in Taurus / Libra Navamsa: If Jupiter occupies a Navamsa ruled by Venus the native will be happy, brilliant, famous, grateful, meritorious and righteous.
 Jupiter in Capricorn / Aquarius Navamsa: If
Jupiter is found in a Navamsa ruled by Saturn, the subject will incur eye diseases, be given to vices, bereft ofwealth and valour and troubled by the ruler.
Effects of Jupiter in Dvadasamsa.
Jupiter in Leo Dvadasamsa: If Jupiter occupies Sun’s Dvadasamsa, the native will have neither wealth nor attractive looks. He will be notorious, and will have many adversaries but no friends. He will have an indifferent attitude and will not posæss good qualities.
Jupiter in CancerDvadasamsa: With natal Jupiter in Cancer in Dvadasamsa the person will be wealthy, fond of guests, endowed with happiness concerning children, will receive royal honours and be liked by one and all.
Jupiter in Aries / Sagittarius Dvadasamsa: If Jupiter occupies a Dvadasamsa owned by Mars at birth, the subject will be very evil in disposition, bereft of virtues, given to vices, troubled by diseases and will undergo confinement.
Jupiter in Gemini / Virgo Dvadasamsa: IfJupiter is found in a Dvadasamsa ruled by Mercury, the native will be famous in the three worlds (i.e. widely famous), highly truthful, will possess all kinds of virtues, and dear to the ruler and relatives.
Jupiter in Sagittarius / Pisces Dvadasamsa: If Jupiter occupies his own Dvadasamsa, the native will be plentiful in every manner. He will be energetic, will conquer his foes, be given to fear and diseases, liked by women and be ever virtuous.
Jupiter in Taurus / Libra Dvadasamsa: Natal Jupiter in a Dvadasamsa ruled by Venus will give numb horses and abundant gold. The native will be fond ofgues enjoy pleasures, be gentle and will destroy his enemies.
Jupiter in Capricorn / Aquarius Dvadasamsa: If Jupiter occupies Saturn’s Dvadasamsa, the person will wear inferior dress, be pitiable, ugly, very grieved, pained and troubled by thieves and kings.
Trimsamsa Effects of Jupiter.
Jupiter in Trimsamsa of Mars: Natal Jupiter in the Trimsamsa portion ruled by Mars will give the following results. The native will be crooked, jealous, bereft of association with scholars, bereft of virtues and be interested in arguments.
Jupiter in Trimsamsa ofSaturn: IfJupiter occupies the Trimsamsa portion ruled by Saturn, the native will be devoid of wealth. He will take interest in sinful work, will go to others’ wives, be bereft of kinsfolk and be crooked in disposition.
Jupiter in Trimsamsa of Mercuw: Should Jupiter be in the Trimsamsa portion owned by Mercury, the subject will be skilful in speech, be dejected, devoted to Brahmins and Gods, be a satisfied person and virtuous.
Jupiter in Own Trimsamsa: If Jupiter at birth occupies his Trimsamsa portion, declare that the person is of an eminent descent. Further, his mind will be set on contemplation of the Supreme Spirit. He will be of forgiving disposition and be the best of the Vedic philosophers (or the best of the knowers of sacred spells – “Brahmavid” means either of these).
Jupiter in Trimsamsa of Venus: IfJupiter is found in the Trimsamsa portion ruled by Venus, the native will be wealthy, modest, endowed with sons, will enjoy pleasures, be liked by women and adored by the band of rulers.
Jupiter with Svaksehtra Bala: One with Jupiter enjoying power on this count will possess good qualities, be scholarly, respectful ofgods and Brahmins, involved in a famous work and be highly energetic.
Jupiter with Uchcha Bala: The person whose Jupiter is found with this strength will be blessed with various kinds of wealth apart from knowledge of music, craft, law, poetry, sweet speech and considerate behaviour. He will also be merciful to others.
Jupiter with Beneficial Aspect: One with Jupiter enjoying strength on account of benefic aspects will not have diseases. He will be inimical to sinful and rustic people, and honoured by his kinsmen as well as the ruler.
Jupiter with Ojha or Purusha Rasi Bala: If Jupiter is endowed with this kind of strength, the native will excel in profundity and courage. He will be wealthy with quadrupeds, will honour his family deity, be righteous, virtuous
and close to the ruler.
Jupiter with Digbala: IfJupiter earns full power in this respect, the native will be a great scholar, and endowed with many good qualities, food comforts and drinks. His enemies will vanish.
Jupiter with Cheshta Bala: If Jupiter gets Cheshta Bala, the native will involve in good deeds. He will have knowledge of Tantra and will enjoy wide happiness, be valorous, will earn wealth and of forgiving disposition.
Jupiter with Diva Bala: When Jupiter at birth is found with this strength (Cf. Diva Ratri Bala), declare that the native will become very famous and very opulent. He will be gracious, will have his enemies kneel before him, will enjoy happiness, be a specialist in Tantra and an excellent personage.
Jupiter with Vara Bala: Should Jupiter be endowed with Vara Bala, the person concerned will be well-educated, will gain a woman (i.e. spouse), be well-disposed to his relatives, an affable speaker and an expert in all (i.e. various) arts.
Jupiter withVarsha Bala: One with Jupiter enjoying strength on this count will be fortunate but rustic in disposition. He will be endowed with abundant valour, akin to a kin of the ruler (i.e. very close to the king) and will enjoy plenty of food and
Jupiter’s Dispositor with Strength: If the dispositor of Jupiter is found in strength, the native will be fortunate, grateful, good-looking, modest, endowed with many superior women, honoured by his people and be wealthy.
Jupiter with Hora Bala: One with Jupiter with Hora Bala will possess a high degree ofwisdom and be ofpeaceful disposition. He will have knowledge matters, Sastras, Vedas and enjoy happiness. Fond ofguests, he will possess great honours.
Jupiter with Paksha Bala: If Jupiter is strong in this regard, the native will be very unstable (or will have many movements from place to place), be chief ofthe persons, learned, a repository of all kinds of happiness and endowed with gemstones, horses and elephants.
Jupiter without Mitra Bala: If Jupiter is bereft of this strength, the native will be miserly and be highly troubled on account of enemies, fever, intoxicant drinks, diseases transmitted through female pleasures, confinement and the like.