Jyeshtha Gandanta Birth remedies

Now I will describe you the remedial measures to be adopted to ensure relief from the evil effects of Jyeshtha Gandanta. In this ceremony Indra will be the deity-in-chief, Adhideva will be Agni and the Pratyadhideva will be Rakshasa.

Remedies from Jyeshtha Gandanta Birth

  • Install on a Kalash
  • full of paddy rice
  • an idol of gold with Indra, seated on Airavat
  • Perform worship of the chief deity Indra
  • along with recitation of their appropriate Mantras
  • Perform Havan, Abhisheka
  • then feed the Brahmins in accordance with one’s means
  • beyond the means of any person, he should give a cow in charity
  • If cow are not available, their actual value should be given in cash