Jyotish analysis of Arnab Goswami arrest

The Time when Police entered into the house of Arnab Goswami was 7:45 am in Mumbai.

Lets see what the Planets say at that Muhurata. 

  • We have Scorpio rising , sign owned by mangal and Ketu and natural sign of Troubles with lordhship of 6th (Disputes) and 1st house.
  • Mercury , Karaka for communications , journalists is lord of 8th and 11th. The 8th Bhav is Troubles and Mercury has gone into 12th Bhav (Captivity , enclosed room , prisons). The 12th Bhav is under attack as Mangal and shani (mangal + shani = Police) are aspecting Budha in 12th Bhav. Therefore perfect combination for arrest.
  • 8th Bhav has Mithuna Rashi confirming Troubles for Communications , Journalists .  Mangal (Police) is aspecting 8th and 11 Bhav which has both the rashis of shani. 
  • Mercury and Surya (State Govt) are in Libra (Tula)  sign indicating western direction (mumbai is in west). Since Mangal is involved , there was Police violance.

Interestingly , the VARA was Budh Vara. 

Author: Pooja Agnihotri

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