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Kamala Harris is U.S citizen of Indian Origin running for the Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee. She is born on Oct 20, 1964 at 9.20 PM , Oakland and started her career as Attorney. She is also a writer and wrote books which gave her good income. She has fought many elections and has been instrumental in presenting various reform bills.

Following is her Birth Chart.

Kamala Panchanga details on day of her Birth

Date: October 20, 1964
Time: 21:28:00
Time Zone: 6:00:00 (West of GMT),Place: 87 W 05′ 07″, 34 N 49′ 39″,
Oakland, Alabama, USA,Altitude: 735.00 meters

Lunar Yr-Mo: Krodhi – Aswayuja
Tithi: Pournimasya (Sa) (5.98% left)
Vedic Weekday: Tuesday (Ma)
Nakshatra: Aswini (Ke) (72.18% left)
Yoga: Vajra (Mo) (88.98% left)
Karana: Bava (Su) (11.95% left)

Hora Lord: Sun (5 min sign: Sc)
Mahakala Hora: Sun (5 min sign: Aq)
Kaala Lord: Rahu (Mahakala: Rahu)

Let us Study her overall chart and panchanga details.

She is Gemini ascendent which is a natural sign of communications with Rahu in that sign. Therefore Rahu is exalted here and is in uccha rashi. Further ascendent has A5 (power arudha) in it so she will gain power during her Mercury or Rahu dasa. As of now she is running her Rahu mahadasa which will end in 2030.

Her Vimshottri dasa is as follows

Vimsottari Dasa:

Rah MD: 2012-11-09 (2:37:56) – 2030-11-09 (17:23:23)

Antardasas in this MD:

Rah: 2012-11-09 (2:37:56) – 2015-07-22 (6:04:56)
Jup: 2015-07-22 (6:04:56) – 2017-12-14 (23:16:04)
Sat: 2017-12-14 (23:16:04) – 2020-10-22 (3:49:32)
Merc: 2020-10-22 (3:49:32) – 2023-05-08 (2:05:01)
Ket: 2023-05-08 (2:05:01) – 2024-05-26 (0:33:13)
Ven: 2024-05-26 (0:33:13) – 2027-05-26 (19:00:44)
Sun: 2027-05-26 (19:00:44) – 2028-04-18 (20:31:43)
Moon: 2028-04-18 (20:31:43) – 2029-10-22 (11:12:56)
Mars: 2029-10-22 (11:12:56) – 2030-11-09 (17:23:23)

so you can clearly see that she is running her Rahu mahadasa with Mercury antardasa and hence jumped into the foray for elections. Rahu is also lord of Bhagyasthana. Mercury is in 5th Bhav of Power and conjoins surya (Kingship).

To garner public support and success in public life, Saturn and moon must play a role or should have connection. Kamala has saturn aspecting moon fron 9th Bhav (3rd drishti) confirming this Yoga.

Shani in 9th Bhav (higher studies, higher education) gave her education in law. Rahu and shani become very powerful in west and attain digbala. Therefore will Saturn in 9th and Rahu in lagna, she will do extremely well in western world. Shani is also ownner of western direction.

we also see Parivartana between 3rd (writing , communications) and 5th Bhav lords (fame , entertainment , power, love). Therefore she become very famous after writing her 3 books. She wrote the following books

Clearly Grahas in 1st and 5th Bhav has shaped her intelligence and has influenced her thinking in writing the books on such subjects.

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