Ketu and Mercury

Mercury is never too far away from Sun. So mostly Sun plays a role too in this Mercury – Ketu conjunction. When the planet of intellect Mercury gets conjunction with the separative planet Ketu, it gives an unusual mind to manifest every issue, which can be highly creative or destructive as per the
positioning and rulership in a horoscope. The house and sign wherein Ketu sits are in things we are not attached to, and we don’t fixate on those things as much on the grounds that subliminally we realize we have just managed them.
Characteristics of the natives of Ketu and Mercury
Native of Ketu and Mercury may change his stream of study in his life.
the native to do something new and different in his or her line of work.
This conjunction gives imaginative power with revolutionary ideas.
makes native argumentative in speaking. He can speak in harsh way. He can tell the bitter truth of any body in front of him.
Native has good knowledge of (or study may belongs to) horticulture, garden, oils, wire etc.
Native doesn’t able to use his intelligence in proper way due to Ketu and Mercury conjunction.
Such people are always there to be your critic which can make them quite a stereo type in life.