Ketu and Venus

When Ketu and Venus come in together, Ketu is the karmic planet, who teaches lesson about Venus stuff to the person who have this conjunction. The person is not able to enjoy Venus related stuff or
have difficulty getting all those things. Although the individual have everything related with the Venus but he does not give value to those things because he/she want perfection. These people are very simple in dressing and not like much grooming about themselves. Most of the time the individual does not get love from other people very confused about love and relationship and the person is not happy in married life. Because Venus is the indicator of relationships and happiness in life, although they may get
good relationship, good and loving but they never satisfied with the partner. They always criticize the partner. 
Characteristics of the natives of Ketu and Venus
She was obsessed with spirituality, the metaphysical or occult, and all that’s hidden in the world She was spiritual, compassionate, and sensitive to others feelings.
native wants his/her ideal person but actually they couldn’t find that person because whatever they get through venus – love, romance or any materialistic things – they couldn’t satisfied with them.
The person have hard time getting sensual pleasure, they always feel unsatisfied and get disappointment in love.
Effects of Ketu and Venus
The Ketu and Venus conjunction is good only for actors, writers, singers, dancers and musicians.
It gives urge to find ‘TRUE LOVE‘, which they ultimately fail to find and develop frustration.
Venus controls production of sperm/ovary in human body and in many cases, this combination lead to lack of sperm count, childlessness, impotence or late born weak children etc.
They may attract spiritual or emotional partners with a lot of baggage and you may change partners frequently or may reject partners for fear of being rejected yourself.
Venus and Ketu combine gives an individual touch of politeness. In addition it gives habits of neatness, cleanliness, system, order, fashion, decoration, and presentability.
The individual exhibits qualities of intelligence too. This combination gives clarity of thought and action.
Especially if the individual has anything to do with fine arts like, dance, drama, music, painting, photography, landscape designing, acting in or directing producing films, serials, episodes, etc.
It is very rare that this combination gives any harmful or hurting results either to the individual or the spouse.