Why am “I” here ? Get your Birth Chart reading to align yourself with your own destiny

Birth chart is the 12 parts of the cosmos representing the Time and space equation you are born in. It reveals many secrets of your life and can actually act as guide .

There are many areas of your life which can be deciphered from the Birth Chart. These are Marriage , education , career , Wealth, disease, Death .

Besides this , Maharishi Parasara has given many techniques in his classic Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra basis which we can find out the Goal of life and what is the purpose of the Birth.

Each and every individual must get his Birth chart casted and read through a qualified astrologer. The correct time of Birth and the Place of Birth is Key to Success.

The purpose of Birth is given by a Planet called atma karaka . This is the planet which has the highest longitude among all the planets and is the Soul Significator. Studying this planet in the chart gives vital clues about the True purpose of your Birth.

We shall study this planet in various charts and you will clearly see How this ATMA KARAKA (doer for atma) can take your towards the journey of the soul.

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