Krishna Chaturdashi birth remedies

It is very important to know about the circumstances of inauspicious births Krishna Chaturdashi  of a child. The person, born on Krishna chaturdashi, is always poverty stricken. It is therefore essential to adopt remedial measures to obtain relief from the evil effects of such births, which are, as follows.  Divide the span of Krishna Chaturdashi in 6 parts.

The birth in the first part is auspicious. Second part causes destruction, or death of father. Third part causes death of the mother. Fourth part takes away the maternal uncle. Fifth part destroys the entire family (Khula – generation). Sixth part causes loss of wealth, or destruction (death) of the native. Therefore it is essential to take immediate remedial measures to escape these evil effects.

Remedies from Birth on Krishna Chaturdashi

  • Have an idol of Lord Shiva
  • made of one Karsha of gold, or of weight one can afford
  • The idol should have a New Moon on the forehead
  • have a white garland round the neck
  • have three eyes
  • be dressed in white robes
  • be seated on a bull,
  • be two-armed and carry Vara and Abhaya.
  • invocation with Varun Mantra worship should be performed by chanting … etc. Mantras.
  • Kalash should be placed in the North-East direction
  • after sprinkling water over the idol of Lord Shiva
  • This should be followed by Havan
  • 108, or 28 oblations should be made separately for the nine Grahas.
  • Havan should be performed with sesame seeds for the nine Grahas.
  • the water of the Kalash should be sprinkled on the native and his parents
  • Brahmins should be fed