Leo, Simha Horoscope

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac. It extends in the Zodiac from 120° to 150°. The element of fire is prominent in this sign. People of this sign are static in nature. This zodiac sign is Mooltrikona sign of the Sun .

They have broad shoulders, ruddy or florid complexion, large bones and muscles.

 They had thin waste, prominent knees.

 They had Soft and wavy hair usually light in colour with tendency to baldness.

 Full stature and majestic appearance, imposing, commanding and dignified.

 He will be tall, well built and muscular Grey, catching and large staring eyes.


 These people are quite sociable and with their friends. They are not dominating in their behavior with their loved ones.

 They love socializing and are the center of attraction in any party or gathering.

 They are straight forward, speak truth and often express others with their elegance.

 They are a born leaders and are very generous.

 They always forgive others and forget the mistakes, sins, and errors of others.

 They are selective in making friends but enter into long lasting friendships  They concentrate on their work.

 They are fond of authority and are brilliant and ambitious.

They tend to get stressed very easily which may reflect in the form of fevers and muscle spams. They enjoy sound health if there are no bad influences on the lagna or surya, the lord of this lagna.

They tend to recover rapidly from any illness.

 Leo indicates heart, the spinal column, column, spinal marrow, nerves, fibre, bone, intestinal muscles, anterior and posterior coronary.

 They keep good health and particularly to avoid heart affliction one should take balanced diet, avoid drinks, stimulants and beverages etc.

 They suffer problems work related stress, cardiac illnesses and backache.

They have a tendency to show-off. They praise others for their own benefits and also like to hear their own praise from others. They lose their cool very easily which puts them in a precarious situation. They are arrogant and possessive. They do not like to share. They are known to be generous and helpful.

They are adaptable enough to reduce their expenses and increase their earnings when it comes to times of financial difficulties. They are highly energetic, ambitious, creative, optimistic and dedicated in their work.They would like to be their own boss.Their ideal job would be administration or anything which puts them in a leadership position.They can work in a team but only as a leader.

Leo born famous and high position in commerce or in government.

 They will have fixed income, security of job, and it gives executive ability and tireless working capacity.

 One will be best suited as manager of the big concerns, corporation or director, caption, sales manager etc.Planets forming favourable aspects specify the nature of profession.

 They also make excellent teachers and mentors as they have great oratory skills.

 They get success in these fields and their economic conditions also improve.