Mars and Ketu

Mars and Ketu is the typical spiritual warrior. Mars is the warrior and Ketu is the spiritual searcher, the tail of the snake. The dim part and tail of this snake lives underground, scanning for a pinpoint of light in the extraordinary darkness. This underground search speaks to us searching internally, looking through our very own dim night of the Soul. Ketu as spiritual searcher is the pointer of explanation. With Mars, this longing to rise above life’s fantasies and torment is sharp and consuming. Ketu is the ‘Giving up’ that is required so as to be free of life’s enduring related with misperception and illusion. For untouched discernment to be understood, the mind must be liberated of its relations and securities. When Mars
and Ketu conjoins a yoga for extreme energy is formed. The person will always be warm to touch, and will feel hot all the time. Mars and Ketu makes the fire in the body go out of proportion, and severe problems arise from it.
Characteristics of natives of Mars and Ketu
Native may be very brave person. He may be adventurous by nature. He will gambler and risk taking ability.
Native may be excess proudness. He will shows more power but actually he doesn’t have such level or power.
Native may be natural fighter. If any body hurt him, then he will be violent. He may be a very bad revenge taker.
Effects of Mars and Ketu
Face our unconscious fears and repressed angers and look at them and transform them.
Natives with these tend to lose control very often and do make a lot of problems for themselves and their family.
It can also give intensity of goal-oriented action, concentration and a refusal to take no for an answer.
They are more more malefic than in any other house, as it will also create a sapra dosha.